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Infusiast Spotlight: Wholethyme Kitchen

Wholethyme Kitchen's founder, Teshauna, navigates a transformative journey from entertainer to entrepreneur, now embracing motherhood. Her business, rooted in integrity and plant-based living, adapts to the rhythms of life and business. As she prepares for motherhood, her wellness philosophy intertwines with her entrepreneurial spirit, reflecting a harmonious blend of self-care, creativity, and community engagement.

Wholethyme Infusiast Spotlight


How has your personal journey with Wholethyme Kitchen evolved since your last spotlight with us?

In three words – evolution, reflection, and redirection. Currently, I find myself in a space where I am deliberately slowing down my entrepreneurial pace and embracing all that the various seasons of business have to offer.

Transitioning from a full-time entertainer to an entrepreneur, I initially sought consistent and constant gratification. However, over the past two years in business, I've come to realize that this is not always the case. Not every season necessitates heavy sales pitches or a constant presence on social media. Nor does every season guarantee sales or six-figure brand deals. What remains steadfast throughout it all is integrity – the commitment to running a company that evolves year after year to genuinely support its audience.

I established this company with the intention of supporting individuals interested in plant based eating and natural living. It's not just about sustaining myself and my family; it's about inspiring other creatives to share their ideas with the world because we genuinely need them.

As you step into motherhood, how are you integrating your wellness philosophy into this new chapter of your life?

I am embracing the concept of slowing down, integrating it into both my personal and professional life. Historically, I've been constantly on the move, feeling as though I needed to keep pace with everything happening around me. However, during my pregnancy, I discovered the importance of prioritizing my own needs before dedicating myself to creating a product or service for others.

In response to this realization, I've formulated the six pillars of slow entrepreneurship, a philosophy I am excited to share with the world when the time is right. This approach values creativity over productivity, emphasizing the intentional energy behind our actions rather than default programming. I believe in fostering a mindset where creativity takes precedence, creating a more purposeful and mindful approach to our endeavors.

In what specific ways has the LĒVO machine been useful to you during your pregnancy?

Let's break this down by trimesters! In the first trimester, I utilized my LĒVO to infuse lavender into carrier oils like almond and jojoba, creating relaxing massage experiences. Fortunately, I didn't experience nausea, but I did grapple with a lot of anxiety about the new life on the horizon. To combat this, I turned to lavender oil during meditations and moments of self-reflection.

Moving into the second trimester, I rediscovered my passion for the kitchen and baking, with lavender once again taking center stage. I whipped up a delightful lavender infused vegan cheesecake that became a household favorite and a hit at our pop-up events. On the beauty front, I infused rosemary into olive oil, crafting a moisturizing hair oil for luxurious hair massages. The oil not only treated my hair well but also proved beneficial in moments of mental fatigue.

Now, in the third trimester, I find myself once again crafting lavender-infused oil. Pregnancy comes with limitations on the types of herbs one can use, so I chose what was both safe and had the most appealing aroma. As I navigate through the remaining weeks of my pregnancy, I plan to create calendula-infused oils for my skin, especially as my belly continues to grow bigger and bigger. :)

Can you share a memorable experience where you used LĒVO to create something special during your pregnancy.

Whipping up a batch of infused lemon bars with my partner, his close friend, and my child's godmother was truly one for the books! One random Saturday night, I realized we had all the ingredients to make lemon bars, and I wanted to treat them to a batch of delicious goodies. It was entirely unplanned, adding an extra layer of charm to the experience.

As I worked through the steps—hands gracefully maneuvering the crust, the LĒVO quietly humming and infusing the coconut oil, and the filling bubbling away on the stove—our home was infused with love. After letting them set, I delicately dusted the bars with powdered sugar. Safe to say, they thoroughly enjoyed their night!

What advice would you give to other mothers-to-be about using LĒVO for creating homemade topicals and infusions? 

The key piece of advice I'd like to share is to always consult your midwife or birth practitioner before trying any DIY recipes you come across online. Herbs are potent medicine, not just an aesthetic choice!

When it comes to selecting carrier oils, I highly recommend options like sweet almond and jojoba oils. These choices are non-comedogenic, ensuring they won't clog your pores. Happy creating! :)

Which features of the LĒVO machine do you find most beneficial during your pregnancy?

As I always say, I press play and walk away! My favorite aspect of the LĒVO machine is the ability to simply drop in my herb of choice, set the appropriate time and temperature, and then relax while it works its magic. Gone are the days when I could imagine using a stovetop method or letting herbs sit in a jar on the windowsill. The convenience of the LĒVO machine has truly elevated my herbal infusion experience.

How do you plan to incorporate Wholethyme Kitchen's ethos into your journey of motherhood?

Now that our ethos has evolved due to my journey into motherhood, it seamlessly intertwines with our business values. Motherhood is an incomparable gift that I hold in higher regard than any business accomplishment. It necessitates a deliberate slowdown, allowing me to appreciate all that I've achieved thus far.

In fact, my approach has shifted, and I plan to infuse my personal ethos into Wholethyme's foundation. I'm taking the time to construct a more robust, sustainable framework for the company. I’ve been fortunate enough to build a team with two incredible ladies, Hannah and Maya, who are instrumental in bringing our vision to life. We're cultivating a deliberate and thoughtful approach to all things Wholethyme Kitchen.

When inspiration strikes for a new digital product or a pop up event,  I no longer overwhelm myself with the pressure to handle copy, marketing, sales funnels, social media education, all in a single day. Instead, we plan strategically by the quarter, allowing the natural evolution of a community around the product. This ensures that when the product is launched, it finds its way into the hands of those who need it the most. No more rushing – that's my philosophy.

How do you envision your culinary creations and business evolving post-pregnancy?

Post-pregnancy, I envision my culinary creations playing a pivotal role in healing my physical body from the inside out. Recognizing that my postpartum body will be different, certain foods may not align as they once did. In essence, I become my own personal case study, intending to share the lessons learned with the Wholethyme community. This sharing is meant to serve as guidance for women embarking on their own pregnancy or newly postpartum journeys.

As for the business structure, the focus will shift towards cultivating and growing our online community. This shift aims to broaden the reach of our virtual cooking classes, workshops and courses, catering to individuals interested in plant-based cooking and baking worldwide. I don't have any intentions of immediately returning to producing large quantities of food for events. Given the new reality of being a 24/7 caregiver to my child, and lover to my partner, my priority will be hosting classes. This approach allows me to continue serving the community while balancing the responsibilities of motherhood.

What message would you like to share with the LĒVO community and your followers during this significant time in your life?

I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the incredible supporters of Wholethyme Kitchen. Your belief in my vision, engagement with emails and social media content, and enthusiastic attendance at our local pop-up events around Atlanta mean the world to me. Without each and every one of you, none of this would be possible, and I genuinely appreciate the love you shower on my company.

Your support serves as a constant reminder that dreams can indeed come to fruition in the world. As I embark on the beautiful journey of motherhood, there will be a sacred pause in our offerings. However, I know that with your open hearts and love of the company, Wholethyme Kitchen will return stronger than ever. Thank you for being an integral part of this journey and for inspiring me to continue pursuing my passion with Wholethyme Kitchen. Your support fuels our growth, and I am truly grateful for each moment you spend with us.

How has LĒVO influenced the way you approach recipe development and wellness practices?

LĒVO has become an integral part of my creative process, influencing both my recipe development and wellness practices. In the realm of baking and culinary exploration, I find myself constantly asking, 'What type of infusion could enhance this dish?' Whether it's considering an herb to elevate flavor or sneak in some unexpected health benefits, LĒVO has become a catalyst for innovation in my kitchen.

Beyond the culinary world, LĒVO has seamlessly integrated into my wellness routines. Before I meditate, I indulge in the calming embrace of lavender-infused massage oil, gently massaging it into my hands and taking a moment to breathe. In the shower, I incorporate invigorating infused shower steamers, and while in a creative flow, I use an aura spray infused with the refreshing scents of citronella and orange.

LĒVO is not just an appliance on my countertop; it has become a significant part of my lifestyle. It's a source of inspiration, enhancing not only my culinary creations but also contributing to a holistic approach to well-being. The possibilities it opens up have truly transformed the way I think about both my recipes and daily self-care practices.

Can you share a pro tip or advanced technique you've discovered while using LĒVO to make topicals?

One invaluable pro tip I've discovered in my journey with LĒVO, particularly when crafting infused whipped shea butters, has revolutionized my process. Instead of the traditional method of infusing the oil separately and then melting the shea butter on the stove in a double boiler before combining the oils, I've streamlined the process.

Now, I simply add the shea butter directly to the LĒVO reservoir along with my herb of choice for infusion. Once the butter has absorbed the herbal goodness, I transfer it to a bowl and let it chill in the fridge before starting the whipping process. This not only preserves the potency of the infusion but also significantly cuts down on both time spent and the number of dishes used.

This time-saving approach has become a game-changer in my topical creations, allowing me to focus more on the artistry of crafting infused shea butter while minimizing the hassle of cleanup. LĒVO has truly elevated my skincare DIY game with this efficient and effective technique.

What are you most grateful for as you look back on your journey, and what are you most excited about as you look forward?

As I reflect on my journey, there's so much to be grateful for. I cherish the distance I've covered and am profoundly thankful for my resilience, consistency, and the ability to pivot when needed. Trusting myself and my visions has been a cornerstone of my success. Regardless of how outlandish a vision may seem, I go after it with determination and no shame lol. Two years into operating my business, I'm amazed at where it stands today and it serves as a testament to the power of faith, perseverance and vision.

Looking forward, excitement fills me as I prepare to step out of my comfort zone. Your girl is finally starting her YouTube channel and podcast. I won’t share any names just yet but you can connect with me on @basquiatana to watch the vision unfold from the very beginning.  It's time to break free from hiding behind the curtains; I've made a promise to myself to show up in the world fully and unapologetically. The last few years of my twenties will witness a transformation as I embrace vulnerability and put myself out there, sharing my experiences, insights, and passion with a broader audience. It's a thrilling prospect, and I can't wait to see where this next chapter takes me.


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