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LĒVO infusers include a 1 year warranty

Warranty and Return Policy

The LĒVO Promise

At LĒVO, we take pride in every touch point of our product, from design and manufacturing to customer service and delivery. We first released LĒVO in 2016, and have continued to innovate and improve to create the best possible infusion experience. Without you, we wouldn’t be here today! We strive to deliver superlative customer service for each and every inquiry we receive. If we can improve your LĒVO experience in any way, please reach out- our support team is standing by!

Submit a Return or Warranty Claim

First, make sure your LĒVO is registered with our Product Registration Form here.

Request a refund or submit a warranty claim for your LĒVO machine

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Return Policy

Not happy with your LĒVO machine purchase? We will gladly accept returns of LEVO machines within 30 days of receiving your order. The LĒVO machine purchase price after applicable restocking fees will be refunded to the original purchaser in the original form of payment. Accessories, consumable items, wearable merchandise, and other non-machine merchandise purchased, even as part of a kit with a LĒVO, are non-refundable.

To return your LEVOoil.com purchase:

  1. Use the LĒVO Returns Manager to submit your return request.
  2. We’ll review your request and send you a return shipping label if you are within the United States or Canada.
  3. Pack up your return item using the original box and all original packing materials. Include all items that came with your LĒVO; user manuals, power pod, stirrer, drain tube, reservoir, etc. Accessories purchased with a LĒVO, even as part of a kit, are non-refundable, and should not be returned.
  4. After your returned item is received and processed at our return facility, the price of your LĒVO unit minus applicable restocking fees will be refunded to the original purchaser in the original form of payment.

* 30 day return period only applies to purchases on LEVOoil.com and LEVOoil.ca

Purchases from authorized retailers outside of LEVOoil.com must refer to that retailer’s return policy.

Defective Merchandise Policy:

If your order should arrive defective out-of-the-box, we ask that you immediately document the issue with photos and/or video and report them to support@levooil.com. If you are within 30 days of receiving your order purchased on LEVOoil.com or LEVOoil.ca, you can opt for a replacement or a refund. If your authorized purchase is within the warranty period and your warranty claim is approved, arrangements will be made at LĒVO's sole discretion to have your item repaired, replaced, or a credit issued to you for the original purchase price of the item in your claim. 

Counterfeit Items & Unauthorized Purchases:

We advise caution when purchasing LĒVO branded products from unauthorized third party resellers, as the items are not acquired directly from LĒVO Oil Infusion Inc., and therefore may be refurbished, reconditioned, demonstration models, defective, or counterfeit. Such products may be unsafe to use or fail to perform as anticipated. Because of this, our one year warranty is not valid if your purchase is made through unauthorized resellers such as Amazon.com (excluding LĒVO's authentic brand page), eBay.com, Jet.com, Overstock.com, a private seller, etc.

If you have questions about whether you are purchasing from an authorized reseller, please contact support@levooil.com.

Please contact the original seller for any questions about your LĒVO purchase made through a 3rd party. LĒVO Oil Infusion, Inc. is unable to process returns or refunds for purchases made through unauthorized resellers for any reason. We apologize for any inconvenience.


LĒVO Oil Infusion, Inc. extends a (1*) one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty for LĒVO® branded products to the original purchaser when purchased through an authorized retailer serviced by an authorized LĒVO distributor. A valid proof of purchase must be provided.

How long is my LĒVO product covered under Warranty?

LĒVO products come with a one (1) year limited manufacturer's warranty that begins at the date of retail purchase or the date received when purchased on LEVOoil.comAny replacement units received during this period continue to be covered during the same warranty period from the original product's date of purchase. Extend and LĒVO Care run concurrent with the limited manufacturer warranty beginning on the date of purchase.

What does the Limited Warranty cover?

LĒVO products included with this limited warranty are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use for 1 year from the date of retail purchase.

Do I have to register my product to be covered under Warranty?

You are not required to register your product in order to be covered under the warranty, as long as sufficient proof of purchase from an authorized retailer is submitted along with a claim. Regardless of product registration status, all warranty claims will require valid proof of purchase and additional product details before a claim is approved. Product registration status does not equate to automatic claim approval.

Register my product

What will happen if I submit a Warranty claim?

If a valid claim under this Limited Warranty is submitted within the 1 year warranty period, LĒVO Oil Infusion, Inc. will, at its discretion, either repair the defect, replace the product with a similar item of equal or similar value, or issue a gift card for the original purchase price of the item.  

What is NOT covered under Warranty?

  1. LĒVO products purchased through an unauthorized third-party reseller serviced by an unauthorized LĒVO distributor; such as Amazon (excluding LEVO’s authentic brand page), eBay, Overstock, Jet, Craigslist, or another private reseller.
  2. Any non-LĒVO products that are not authorized by LĒVO Oil Infusion, Inc.
  3. Damage caused by misuse, neglect, or operating the device outside of the permitted or intended use in conformity with the printed directions.
  4. Damage caused by accident, fire, flood, or other external causes not arising out of defects in manufacturer’s materials or workmanship.
  5. Damage resulting from repair services performed by unauthorized personnel.
  6. Cosmetic damage occurring through wear and tear, including but not limited to scratches, dents, and stains.
  7. Any product where the serial number has been tampered with, erased, obscured or is not genuine.
  8. Products that have been disassembled or tampered with in any way will void this Limited Warranty.

Manufacturer’s One-Year Limited Warranty

This warranty extends only to the product’s original purchaser and when purchased directly from LEVOoil.com or an authorized reseller serviced by an authorized LĒVO distributor. This limited warranty is void if the product has been purchased through an unauthorized third party reseller such as Amazon.com (excluding LĒVO’s authentic brand page) or eBay. The warranty is non-transferrable from the original purchaser.

The LĒVO Infuser and all other products included with this limited warranty is warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of ONE (1) year from the date of original purchase. During this period, we will repair or replace this product with an item of equal or similar value, at our option, at no cost. Any liability is expressly limited to an amount equal to the purchase price paid.

This warranty extends only to the original consumer purchaser. It does not cover a defect resulting from unreasonable use/misuse, neglect, use for commercial purposes, repairs by unauthorized personnel, any use not in conformity with the printed directions, or other causes not arising out of defects in manufacturer’s materials or workmanship.

While LĒVO keeps a record of customer purchases made through LEVOoil.com, LĒVO does not have a record of purchases made through authorized resellers. Therefore, if you purchased through an authorized reseller, you must keep your receipt and show it to validate date of purchase in order to qualify for the warranty.

This limited warranty gives you, the original consumer purchaser directly from LĒVO or from an authorized reseller, specific legal rights, and you may also have other legal rights which vary from state to state, or province to province. Some states or provinces do not allow limitations on implied warranties or special, incidental or consequential damages, so the foregoing limitations may not apply to you.

This warranty does not extend to units that have been: used in violation of written instructions in the User Manual; used in violation of any state or federal law; or altered or modified. It also does not extend to damaged products by accident or misuse, or to parts that have had the serial number removed, altered, defaced, or rendered illegible. In the event of an accident or misuse, we encourage you to reach out and see how we can support you.

After a warranty claim has been validated, if LĒVO determines the solution is a replacement item of equal or lesser value, the replacement will be provided after the original item has been returned to LĒVO and processed under the claim. The warranty does not cover damage occurring during customer shipping the product(s) to the service or return location. Please ensure that proper packaging precautions are taken. The repaired or replacement product will be under warranty for the balance of the one year warranty period from the original purchase date.

Regarding operating problems, it is important to note that if we determine that product malfunction was caused by operator error or use for an unintended purpose, whether or not accidental (e.g., dropping the machine or submerging electronic components)- though service will not be covered under warranty- we will provide you with an estimate and options for the repair or replacement of your product. You will then have the choice of providing payment information (e.g., credit card data) for conducting the repair or receiving a refurbished replacement unit.

Warranty Disclaimer: This warranty is in lieu of all warranties expressed or implied and no representative or person is authorized to assume for LĒVO Oil Infusion Inc. any other liability in connection with the sales of our products. There shall be no claims for defects or failure of performance or product failure under any theory of tort, contract or commercial law including, but not limited to, negligence, strict liability, breach of warranty and breach of contract.

* Authorized purchases made before November 21, 2021 may qualify for a warranty under alternate and up to a three year term.

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LĒVO Care Protection

Get protected from accidental damage and extend the life of your warranty for up to 3 years.

LÉVO Care protection includes:

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  • Flexible replacements with premium support
  • No added fees for the life of your plan

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