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Spare Parts

Increase the capacity and potency of your herbal infusions with the LEVO Power Pod upgrade! Get twice the amount of herbs in your LEVO I or use in your LEVO II oil infusion machine.
LEVO Pod Protector accessory

Power Pod


Silicone magnetic stirrer; spare part for the new LEVO I and LEVO II machines. Gentle stirring action and larger paddles minimize aeration, keeping your infusion fresher, for longer.

LEVO Stirrer - Spare Part


LEVO spare parts kit - get the most out of your LEVO II
Spare Parts Kit comes with a power pod, pod protector, reservoir, stirrer, and drain tube.

LĒVO II Spare Parts Kit


Side view of the spare LEVO II reservoir.
Want to always have a LEVO II reservoir on hand for double the infusion? Get yourself a ceramic coated stainless-steel reservoir for the LEVO II, with improved draining and raised center for better stirring.

LEVO II Reservoir - Spare Part


Detail of the LEVO II Pod Protector, which keeps your herbs safe from burning.
Need another protective insert for the LEVO II Double Herb Pod and Power Pod accessory? This replacement fits perfectly at the bottom of the herb pod to protect your botanicals against excess heat during Dry/Activate cycles.

LĒVO II Pod Protector - Spare Part


This is a spare part for the LEVO II machine. Silicone draining tube with screw-top connection for the LEVO II Reservoir.
The LEVO II Drain Tube spare part screws ON/OFF of the LEVO II Reservoir for a secure fit and easy cleaning. It is made of food-grade silicone & BPA free, and dishwasher safe

LĒVO II Drain Tube - Spare Part


Need more infusion power for your DIY edibles using LEVO I? Get the stainless-steel herb pod with silicone cap & attached magnetic bracket.
Double your infusion potency with the LEVO I extra herb pod.

LEVO I Standard Pod - Spare Part


Need a replacement? Shop the Stainless-steel reservoir with attached silicone drain tube for the LEVO I machine.
Use the spare reservoir and drain tube with your LEVO I infusion machine to infuse while your first batch is being cleaned in the dishwasher!
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LEVO I Reservoir & Drain Tube - Spare Part