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LEVO Ultimate Bundle in Garden Green. Comes with all accessories, two digital cookbooks, and a LEVO of your choice in one of our new colors.
Use LEVO to create infused oils for cooking with or to use when making your own lotions, candles, soap, and more.
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Licorice Black
Garden Green
Pacific Blue
Honey Cream
Paprika Red

Ultimate LĒVO II Bundle

$399.99 $459.99

Mega Accessory Bundle
Get 2 gummy trays, herb block in grey, extra herb pod, and herb press.
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Mega Accessory Bundle

$129.99 $159.99

Moist, deliscious, potent infused browies. Don't waste your money buying pre-made, make your own infused brownies at home with LEVO infused oil and LEVO baking mixes. Share them with your friends!
LEVO brownie mix is gooey, rich, and chocolatey. Impress your friends with these tasty infused brownies you can make at home any time. Subscribe and save with monthly brownie delivery!

Organic Brownie Mix


Bake your own soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies, infused with LEVO made oil, butter, or ghee.
Fresh baked edible cookies in less than 20 minutes? Yes, please! Subscribe and save when you order chocolate chip cookie mix on a monthly basis.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix


Make every morning a celebration with confetti sprinkle birthday pancakes & waffles. LEVO baking mixes are especially designed to absorb the flavor of your infused oil.
For a special birthday, celebration, or any day! Turn regular breakfast into a special occasion with birthday cake flavored pancakes or waffles.

Birthday Pancake & Waffle Mix


Tart Cherry LEVO gummy mix, made with all natural flavors and no artificial colors. Make your gummies pop with LEVO infused MCT or Coconut Oil. has everything you need to make your own infused gummies at home. Share your infused gummies with friends.
LEVO Tart Cherry gummy mix is what you need for an elevated weekend with friends, holiday celebration, or for weeknight relaxation. Simply add the herbal infused oil of your choice, 6 tablespoons of water, and mix with heat. You now have your own potent gummies.

Tart Cherry Gummy Mix


Raspberry Sherbert gummy mix, made with all natural colors and flavors. Make your own dosed edible gummies at home, and save 10x the cost of buying pre-made. LEVO pays for itself compared to buying tinctures and gummies at the store.
LEVO gummy bags contain all the instructions and information you need to make your own edibles in your kitchen. Save money by buying homemade.

Raspberry Sherbert Gummy Mix


Treat your tasetbuds to Tropical Peach gummies, with hints of mango, starfruit, and pineapple. Make your own peachy oasis at home with LEVO powdered gummy mix. Just add infused oil and water to cook up your own batch of infused gummies.
All LEVO gummies come with instructions on the back to make it easy as possible to make your own dosed edibles. Don't forget to share your gummies with friends and store them in a safe place.

Tropical Peach Gummy Mix


LEVO is your one stop shop for your favorite infusion machine, LEVO II, and the best high quality oils to use with your machine. Try this Coconut plus Avocado oil blend with MCTs. Great for infusing!
LEVO Coconut + Avocado Oil Blend. This oil is vegan, keto-friendly, gluten-free, chmical-free, kosher, halal, BPA-free, non hydrogenated, and stays liquid at room temperature.

Coconut + Avocado Oil Blend


LEVO MCT Oil is a premium, flavorless liquid coconut oil. At 32 fl oz, it will fill 2 LEVO II reservoirs to capacity, 4 cups total. Great for infusing!
LEVO MCT Oil is vegan, keto-friendly, gluten-free, chemical-free, kosher, halal, BPA-free, and non-hydrogenated.

Premium MCT Liquid Coconut Oil


Smooth, clarified ghee. A great shelf-stable alternative to butter when you're infusing with LEVO. Make infused butter without needing to strain and separate the milk fats. Ghee is also good for people who are lactose intolerant.
LEVO Ghee is keto-friendly, gluten-free, chemical-free, BPA-free, non hydrogenated, and there's no refrigeration needed.

Ghee Clarified Butter


LEVO Coconut Oil is Organic, virgin, and unrefined. It's great for infusing and has a nice coconut taste. Certified Organic for all your healthy infusions with LEVO II. The 29 oz jar will fill almost 2 reservoirs full.
LEVO Coconut Oil is keto-friendly, gluten-free, chemical-free, kosher, halal, BPA-free, non-hydrogenated, and good for cooking at medium to high temperatures.

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil


LEVO is now offering Carrington Farms' Premium MCT Oil, derived from coconuts, in 12 fl oz.
LEVO and Carrington Farms liquid MCT Oil nutrition facts panel.

Premium MCT Liquid Coconut Oil


LEVO and Carrington Farms, partners for organic ghee, also known as clarified butter.
Grass fed organic ghee, 12 fl oz, is a perfect choice for your LEVO infusion machine.

Organic Ghee Clarified Butter


Add an iridescent shimmer to your infused topicals, beverages, oils, and gummies with LEVO edible infusion shimmer.
Make your infused drinks and oils shine with LEVO edible infusion shimmer dust.

Infusion Shimmer


Looking to make your infused edibles shine and turn heads? Use our food safe glittery gold shimmer.
Make your chocolates and candies glimmer with golden edible LEVO glitter.

Gummy Glitter


Elevate and Create Bundle from LEVO in Robin Blue, comes with an herb tray, 2 gummy molds, herb press, power pod, and pod protector.
Elevate and Create Bundle from LEVO in Chartreuse Green, comes with an herb tray, 2 gummy molds, herb press, power pod, and pod protector.
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Elevate & Create Bundle

$49.99 $69.99

LEVO oil or butter fine mist sprayer, reusable and eco-friendly! LEVO - Fine Oil Mister Infusion Sprayer - Oil Sprayer for Cooking, Baking and Salad Making - Oil Spritzer for your LEVO Oil and Butter Herbal Infusions - 6 fl oz
Infusion Sprayer

Infusion Sprayer


LEVO Herb Block Tray and Herb Press Bundle for LEVO I and II.
The LEVO herb press will help you get the most out of your infusions, and fits perfectly inside of the LEVO herb pod. Maximize the output of each infusion.
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Infüsiasm Accessories Bundle

$49.99 $70.99

LEVO Oil Herb Block Tray in blue is the perfect accessory for your infusion process. Simply pour your warm butter or oil into the herb blocks and store in the fridge or freezer.
Herb Block Trays from LEVO in 4 colors. Freeze and store your handmade LEVO infusions in the LEVO herb block tray and pop out individual servings whenever you need them!
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Herb Block Tray

$14.99 $19.99

Get the most out of your infusions with the LEVO herb press
LEVO quality herb press measures 1x1x5 inches. Made with food grade stainless steel.

Herb Press


3-Year Warranty

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