Introducing the LĒVO #TradeInTradeUp Program

We are inviting you to upgrade your edible game by trading UP to a LEVO today! Just prove to us that you donated or recycled (or otherwise gotten rid of) your generic product, and you’ll earn a $50 credit towards any model of proprietary LEVO oil infuser!

Fire Up Your Imagination

Think outside the box about how to responsibly part ways with your old infusion machine. Some easy ideas include donating to Goodwill / The Salvation Army or recycling it at any Best Buy. But, maybe something more exotic or thilling is your style!

Earn Your Reward

Trading in or otherwise parting ways with your other product is how you earn $50 towards a new LEVO. We want to expand the LEVO Love Club and share the infüsiasm for infusing with the best technology possible!

Collecting Your Reward

To collect your $50 LĒVO gift card, email us at: and send us a photo of your donation receipt from organizations like Goodwill, Salvation Army, or your local Electronics Recycling center (or detailed content of your other disposal methods!).

The #LEVOTradeUP Chance $500 Cash Bonus!

Let the world be your audience! We’re adding another contest on top of the Trade UP program. If you share a creative ode to your old infusion device and bid it farewell on social media, you are automatically entered for a change to win $500 cold hard cash! Simply post a picture or video of you saying farewell, with the hashtag #LEVOTradeUp and tag us at @levo_oil to enter the giveaway!

Why Choose LĒVO?
  • Unmatched Innovation: LEVO stands at the forefront of infusion technology, offering precision, ease, and versatility that transforms your culinary creations.

We are the first proprietary device out there and will continue to pioneer the best infusion technology!

  • Commitment to Quality: Our products are designed with your experience in mind, from user-friendly interfaces to sleek, durable construction that stands the test of time.

We only use the best quality materials in our products.

  • A Forward-Thinking Community: We encourage you to join the LEVO Love Club as soon as you have your new unit! It’s an incredible community of people who value quality, innovation, making informed choices about their wellness, and enjoying life!

LEVO Love Club

Begin Your Upgrade Journey

Are you ready to redefine your infusion experience? Trade in and trade up! Step into a world where quality and innovation meet. Upgrade your device, enhance your culinary creations, and embrace the future with LEVO!

For other questions or inquiries about the Trade in Trade up program, feel free to e-mail us at or text us at (720) 927-8082