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Shimmer and shine with edible glitter and iridescent sparkle. Sprinkle it onto any food or drink you like.
Looking to make your infused edibles shine and turn heads? Use our food safe glittery gold shimmer.
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Gummy Glitter + Shimmer Kit

$24.99  $29.99

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Tart Cherry LEVO gummy mix, made with all natural flavors and no artificial colors. Make your gummies pop with LEVO infused MCT or Coconut Oil. has everything you need to make your own infused gummies at home. Share your infused gummies with friends.
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Cherry, Raspberry, Peach Gummy Mix Kit

$45.99  $59.97

Spray your popcorn with infused butter using LEVO's fine spray mister. Reusable and easy to clean.

Infusion Sprayer


Edible gold glitter and shimmer for your LEVO 2 infused foods.
Make your chocolates and candies glimmer with golden edible LEVO glitter.

Gummy Glitter


Make your drinks and potions shimmer with LEVO edible infusion shimmer.
Make your infused drinks and oils shine with LEVO edible infusion shimmer dust.

Infusion Shimmer


LEVO's premier cookbook: Inspired Infusions, Elevated Edibles. Cooking with LĒVO just better.
LĒVO's Inspired Infusions, Elevated Edibles table of contents. Get recipe ideas from breakfast to snacks, from desserts to cocktails. Elevate your cooking.
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Cookbook: Inspired Infusions (Hardcover Print)

$29.99  $49.99

LEVO is now offering Carrington Farms' Premium MCT Oil, derived from coconuts, in 12 fl oz.
LEVO and Carrington Farms liquid MCT Oil nutrition facts panel.

Premium MCT Liquid Coconut Oil | 12oz


LEVO and Carrington Farms, partners for organic ghee, also known as clarified butter.
Grass fed organic ghee, 12 fl oz, is a perfect choice for your LEVO infusion machine.

Organic Ghee Clarified Butter | 12oz


Gummy and Candy molds for your LEVO infusions. Use your hommade infused oils and butters to make your own gummies, candies, chocolate, tablets, and many more treats.
LEVO Gummy and Candy Molds are the perfect solution for making your own candies, gummies, tablets, chocolates, treats, and more at home. Each kit can make up to 64 pieces, or 32 pieces each tray, measuring 2.5mL per piece.

Gummy & Candy Molds (Set of 2)


Store your infused oil to make it last longer. LĒVO Herb Block trays can be used in the fridge, freezer, and even the oven! Use blocks of herb infused oil in your cooking, or as body lotion bars.
Herb Block Trays from LEVO in 4 colors. Freeze and store your handmade LEVO infusions in the LEVO herb block tray and pop out individual servings whenever you need them!
local_offer Save $10.00

Herb Block Tray

$9.99  $19.99

Elevate and Create Bundle from LEVO in Robin Blue, comes with an herb tray, 2 gummy molds, herb press, power pod, and pod protector.
Elevate and Create Bundle from LEVO in Chartreuse Green, comes with an herb tray, 2 gummy molds, herb press, power pod, and pod protector.
local_offer Save $24.00

Elevate & Create Kit

$45.99  $69.99

LEVO Herb Block Tray and Herb Press Bundle for LEVO I and II.
The LEVO herb press will help you get the most out of your infusions, and fits perfectly inside of the LEVO herb pod. Maximize the output of each infusion.
local_offer Save $15.00

Infüsiasm Accessories Kit

$54.99  $69.99

Get 2 gummy trays, herb block in grey, extra herb pod, and herb press.
local_offer Save $4.94

Mega Accessory Kit

$149.99  $154.93

Increase the capacity and potency of your herbal infusions with the LEVO Power Pod upgrade! Get twice the amount of herbs in your LEVO I or use in your LEVO II oil infusion machine.
LEVO Pod Protector accessory

Power Pod


Get the most out of your infusions with the LEVO herb press
LEVO quality herb press measures 1x1x5 inches. Made with food grade stainless steel.

Herb Press


Looking for LEVO Oil and Butter infused recipes? Find 25 breakfast, appetizer, dinner, dessert, and drink recipes for your LEVO oil infusion machine in this cookbook. Instant digital download, instant gratification. Start cooking LEVO recipes tonight!
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Cookbook: Inspired Infusions (Digital Download)

$19.99  $34.99