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Sweet Stash Infusion Vault - Opened
local_offer Save $19.00

All-In-One Gummy Making Kit

$299.00  $318.00

The LĒVO Gummy Candy Mixer: Effortless gummy-making at home.
Make your own infused edible gummy candies at home with the LEVO Gummy Candy Mixer Machine. Create perfect gummy candies with The LĒVO Gummy Candy Mixer.

Gummy Candy Mixer


local_offer Save $8.00
Blue/ Green/ Black
Pink/ Yellow/ Black

Chef's Kiss Gift Set

$59.00  $67.00

The LĒVO Basics Accessories Kit with gummy molds, silicone trivets, herb block tray, herb press, and infusion sprayer
LEVO silicone gummy and candy molds, set of two with droppers
local_offer Save $6.60

LĒVO Basics Accessory Bundle

$75.90  $82.50

TerpLoc® Storage Bags


Sweet Stash Infusion Vault
Sweet Stash Infusion Vault - Opened

Infusion Vault


Sweet Stash Infusion Gifting Bundle - metallics wraps
Sweet Stash Infusion Gifting Bundle  - clear wraps
local_offer Save $5.00
Metallic Blue/ Yellow
Clear Swirl

Sweet Stash Infusion Gifting Bundle

$59.00  $64.00

LEVO heat sealer kit, because sharing is caring! Use the sharing is caring kit to share #levomade edibles with your friends.
LEVO heat sealer for plastic bags to keep your homemade DIY edibles fresh!
Clear Swirl
Metallic Blue/ Yellow

Sharing is Caring Kit


Set of LEVO large and small mylar bag wrapper refills
LEVO 50 heat sealable clear wrap refills to keep your shareables fresh
local_offer Save $2.20
Metallic Blue/ Yellow
Clear Swirl

Heat Seal Wrapper Refill

$15.40  $17.60

LEVO Porcelain Baking Dish with multicolor swirl decal and logo
Porcelain Baking Dish by LEVO, perfect for baking one box of LEVO organic brownie mix.

Porcelain Baking Dish


LEVO oil or butter fine mist sprayer, reusable and eco-friendly! LEVO - Fine Oil Mister Infusion Sprayer - Oil Sprayer for Cooking, Baking and Salad Making - Oil Spritzer for your LEVO Oil and Butter Herbal Infusions - 6 fl oz
Spray your popcorn with infused butter using LEVO's fine spray mister. Reusable and easy to clean.

Infusion Sprayer


Convenient Cavities - Each tray contains 32 3mL cavities, providing ample space for creating a variety of candies.
Tie Dye

Gummy & Candy Silicone Molds


LEVO Gummy Worm Mold set of two
LEVO Gummy Worm Mold filled with LEVO Gummy Mix

Gummy Worm Silicone Molds


LEVO oil herb block tray rainbow
Tie Dye

Herb Block Tray


2 LĒVO Herb Block Trays with lid in Grey and Tie Dye
local_offer Save $2.20
Grey/ Tie Dye
Red/ Red
Grey/ Grey
Tie Dye/ Tie Dye

Herb Block Tray (2 pack)

$28.60  $30.80

LEVO Gummy Candy Dropper Tool, to conveniently transfer edible mix into molds and containers. Gummy Candy Making Droppers - Effortlessly transfer your gummy candy mixture into silicone molds with these precise and convenient droppers.
Set of Two Droppers - This pack includes two droppers, providing you with a reliable tool for accurately filling your candy molds.

Droppers for Gummy Candy Making (2 pack)


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