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The Ultimate Guide To Using LEVO

LEVO is a high-tech kitchen appliance that uses controlled heat to transfer the flavor, scent, color, nutrients, and therapeutic properties from whole plants, like herbs and spices, into liquid, like oil or butter.

Why Infuse With LEVO?

People have been infusing for thousands of years to get the full benefits of plants. It’s part of some of the world’s oldest culinary and medicinal traditions. Today, infusing is a popular technique among top chefs, and leading skincare brands use infusions to make plant-based products. 

We see more and more packaged products that advertise the use of plants, but sometimes the marketing can be misleading, and they may contain undesirable additives and preservatives. Plus, the costs can add up. 

Making your own infusions unlocks endless possibilities. And you’re in full control of the ingredients and the process. 

What Can I Make With LEVO?

People use LEVO to integrate the power of plants into everyday life through food and drink, household cleaners, self-care products, and gummies. And it’s completely customizable.

You choose the ingredients, and your infusions can be as complicated or simple as you like. 

Infusing can transform baked goods, full meals, and beverages. You can use infusions to make non-toxic cleaning spray for the kitchen and bathroom or incorporate your favorite herbs into soothing salves for some next-level relaxation. Or, imagine making your own tinctures or supplements for staying healthy!

Here are a few of our favorite infusion recipes from LEVO lovers:

  1. Sandalwood & Lemongrass Beard Oil
  2. 420 Friendly Banana Bread
  3. Ginger-Sesame Salad Dressing
  4. Mint-Infused Strawberry Cream Soda
  5. Lavender-Infused Dish Soap

There are plenty more examples of what you can do with LEVO in our online journal. Check it out!

Here’s What You Need to Get Started:

Aside from the LEVO machine, you only need three things:

  1. Your plant(s): You can use fresh or dried whole plants, such as herbs, whole spices, flower, dried fruits, nuts, peppers, mushrooms, and more. 
  1. A liquid carrier: The most common carriers are fats. Think olive oil, butter, coconut oil, and sesame oil. But people have also used LEVO to infuse other liquids like milks, honey, and vinegar. 
  1. An air-tight container: You’ll need something to catch your infusion once it’s ready. A glass jar or Tupperware will work!

How Does LEVO Work?

LEVO is simple to use.

When you open the top of the machine, you’ll see a reservoir for your liquid carrier, a stainless steel pod for your plants, and a few other parts. Everything is removable and magnetic.

LEVO has three cycles: DRY, ACTIVATE & INFUSE

  1. DRY: This cycle takes the moisture out of fresh plants before infusing. Less moisture increases potency and extends the shelf life of your infusion. 
  2. ACTIVATE: This pre-infusion cycle uses slightly higher heat than the dry cycle. It’s meant for psychoactive ingredients, like flower.
  3. INFUSE: This cycle gently steeps and stirs the liquid carrier, infusing it with the plants contained inside the stainless steel pod. 

Once your infusion is ready, dispense it with the press of a button! 

How Long Does It Take To Infuse?

It takes at least two hours to make an infusion, depending on which cycles you choose to use. But that doesn’t mean you have to block out two hours of your day for infusing. 

With LEVO, you can set it and forget it!

Each LEVO cycle is pre-programmed with temperature and time, but you can make adjustments based on taste, potency, or plain old curiosity!

Use the LEVO app to control your infusions remotely, and use our handy online calculator for some extra guidance when it comes to time and temperature.

Can I Infuse On My Own?

Many people try infusing on their own using what’s already available in their kitchen before realizing that the process can be difficult, time-consuming, unsafe, and messy. 

The key to infusing is low, controlled heat over a long period of time. LEVO’s maximum temperature is 200 degrees Fahrenheit, and you can infuse for up to 10 hours. 

The closest substitute for LEVO would be a double boiler setup on a stove-top. But that won’t give you temperature control, and you’ll have to keep watch over your infusion for hours. Plus, you risk aerating your infusion, which can be detrimental. And then there’s the cleanup…

LEVO gives you:

  • Precise temperature control for up to 10 hours
  • The ability to walk away: LEVO will do its thing while you do yours!
  • A clean infusion containing plant properties, minus the plant parts!
  • Easy cleanup: LEVO’s removable parts are dishwasher safe.

Here’s what else you should know about LEVO:

We encourage experimentation! Our online recipe library and calculator are great places to start if you’re new to infusing, but we also want everyone to know that there aren’t any hard and fast rules for infusing with LEVO. Experiment with ingredients, temperature, and time!
Also, our online community is where it’s at. LEVO lovers share ideas every day through our Facebook group, the LEVO Love Club. It’s our source of inspiration and a fantastic, ever-evolving resource.

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