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Ingest vs Inhale: Using LEVO to Safely Consume Flower

Many people use flower for health reasons, but smoking anything can be bad for your lungs. 

Ingestibles are a safe alternative for flower users, and LEVO makes it easy to make your own at home using the ingredients of your choice. 

Here are a few reasons to choose to ingest over inhaling and consider switching to ingestibles with LEVO. 

1. They’re The Safest Option

Flower is becoming more and more popular as a form of recreation and healing. Many LEVO lovers use flower for fun, but there are also plenty who use it to combat anxiety, chronic pain, trouble sleeping, and other health issues. 

Many people consume flower by smoking it, but inhaling smoke of any kind can damage your lungs, according to the American Lung Association. Here’s are some of the health risks of smoking flower that ALA has identified through research:

  • The smoke from flower injures the cells that line our airways, which is why we experience symptoms such as chronic cough, phlegm production, wheezing, and acute bronchitis.
  • Over time, smoking flower can lead to chronic bronchitis 
  • Smoking flower can ultimately damage your immune system, because it kills cells within the lungs that remove dust and germs, protecting you from potential diseases. 

Because we know so much about the health risks of smoking in general, many health-conscious flower users have switched to vaporizers, which use much lower temperatures to avoid creating smoke. 

But that’s risky too. We simply don’t understand the long-term health effects of vaping yet. 

Your safest bet is to skip inhaling altogether, and ingestibles make it easy! 

2. You’ll Get Your Money’s Worth

If the health benefits of ingesting aren’t enough to convince you to switch to making your own, consider the costs. 

Store-bought edibles tend to be expensive. If flower is a regular part of your wellness routine, you’ve probably spent a pretty penny on pre-packaged ingestibles at the dispensary. It can add up fast. 

Making your own ingestibles using LEVO is a great way to save money. 

DIY ingestibles are cost-effective because you’ll only be paying for the flower rather than packaging, labeling, marketing, and production that make store-bought ingestibles so pricey. 

For example, buying $40 worth of pre-made ingestibles will get you about 100mg of the psychoactive compound found in flower. Whereas, infusing $40 worth of flower using LEVO yields more than 1000mg— that’s ten times as much! 

If you want to get into the numbers, infusing with LEVO comes out to just $0.03/mg, compared to $.40/mg for store-bought ingestibles. 

But there’s something else that make ingestibles a smart option: you can get more mileage out of your flower when you consume it through ingestibles, as opposed to smoking or vaping. That’s because ingesting flower’s psychoactive compound is more effective than smoking or vaping. 

Studies have shown that up to 50% burns off or dissipates when smoking, but when you choose ingestibles, you’re guaranteed to get all of the psychoactive compounds.

When you inhale the psychoactive compound in flower, it travels directly from the lungs to the brain. So you’ll feel the effects more quickly, but they’ll also fade more quickly. With ingestibles, it has to go through the liver first, which converts it to a slightly different molecule that is far more potent. So you can consume less and get the same effect for longer. 

Studies show that the effects of ingestibles can last for 6 hours or more, compared to just 1-4 hours with smoking or vaping. 

3. DIY Edibles Are Easy & Customizable With LEVO

If you’re tired of spending too much on store-bought ingestibles, LEVO is for you. 

Our patented technology uses controlled heat to transfer the flavor, scent, color, nutrients, and therapeutic properties from whole plants, like flower, into a liquid, like oil or butter. And LEVO II, our newest model, has a particular cycle for activating the psychoactive compound in your flower before infusing. 

Here are the necessary steps for creating a flower infusion with LEVO, which can be used to make any ingestible you like. 

  1. Choose your strain: Indica? Sativa? How about a hybrid? Or maybe you prefer hemp? When you make your ingestibles with LEVO, you choose the strain that works best for you. Generally, Indica is more calming, and Sativa is more energizing.
  2. Choose your oil: You can infuse any liquid with LEVO, but for ingestibles, we recommend you stick with oils. This is because the psychoactive compound found in flower dissolves easily into fats. Coconut and MCT oils are generally best.
  3. ACTIVATE: This optional step activates the cannabinoids in your flower so that you can experience the psychoactive effects. Just put your flower inside the Herb Pod that comes with LEVO, set it inside the machine’s reservoir, and turn on the activate cycle. (If you want to ingest flower but aren’t interested in feeling high, feel free to skip this step and go straight to infusing)
  4. INFUSE: When you add your oil to LEVO’s reservoir and choose the infuse cycle, a low and slow heat can be set for 2-10 hours.

How you use your flower infusion is totally up to you. We have recipes for common ingestibles, like gummies and rice crispies, as well as more adventurous ones, like our flower-infused poke

Another thing to keep in mind is that with LEVO, you can completely customize the potency of your flower infusion by tinkering with the amount of flower and oil and experimenting with different strains. 

As people learn more about its benefits, the stigma around flower is fading away. That change is giving us more options for consuming flower safely, but we think making your own ingestibles is the way to go. 

So remember: Instead of smoking flower, ingest it. And instead of buying expensive pre-made ingestibles, make your own! LEVO makes it easy. 

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