When Is the Best Time to Take Edibles?

When Is the Best Time to Take Edibles?

Ready to experience the therapeutic effects of edibles? Most people are so excited to beat anxiety or fall asleep that they think they can dive in and start consuming edibles immediately. However, there is a time and place for edible consumption. Finding the best time to take edibles can be challenging and takes planning.

How do you know when it's the best time to take edibles? The answer depends on the effect of the botanical and your desired outcome. This guide breaks down the different positive impacts of edibles and outlines the best time to consume your product for maximum medicinal benefit.

When to Take Edibles for Energy

There is a misconception that edibles are only for relaxation and can make you feel drowsy and out of it. That is not always the case. Several botanical strains boost energy levels, increase mental clarity, and heighten creativity. Those specific flowers are great for infusing a variety of carriers to create snacks like granola bars, gummies or protein bites. With a good night's sleep in mind, these edibles might be better consumed earlier in the day. It takes time for your body to metabolize the edibles and for the psychoactive compounds to work through the digestive tract, into the bloodstream, and then into the brain. 

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When to Take Edibles for Anxiety

Taking edibles to combat anxiety can be tricky. If you accidently eat too much, the effects may become slightly overwhelming. If you are prone to anxiety, as so many people are, consuming an edible sublingually is most optimal. A sublingual edible, such as a tincture or hard candy, offers the most fast-acting response. With most sublingual edibles, you can feel the effects within 15-30 minutes. The rate of absorption is much faster when an edible is absorbed under the tongue and through the bloodstream than when it’s digested and absorbed by the stomach. 

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If you have something on the horizon that you believe may spike your anxiety, there are always edibles that can offer support. When edibles are consumed, the effects are most likely to be felt within one to two hours. In our Elevated Edibles Masterclass, we discuss the importance of pairing the right strain for your edible creation. We suggest learning about the right strains and preparing your edibles ahead of time so that you have them readily available for when you suspect a peak in your nerves to arise. Thankfully, you can freeze edibles and pull them out of the freezer when you need them! 

When to Take Edibles for Improved Mood 

You can take edibles to improve your mood anytime. However, consider the botanical strain used to make your infusion and edibles. Some compounds improve mood while enhancing relaxation. Other botanicals can increase mental clarity and boost energy levels. You may not want to consume an edible to boost your mood and energy in the evening when you want to unwind and head to bed. Some of the best edibles for improved mood feature hybrid botanicals. As we mentioned, we highly recommend educating yourself around the strains you are consuming as their effects vary so much.

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When to Take Edibles for Relaxation

Consume relaxation-enhancing edibles any time you feel the need to unwind. Generally, the best time to eat an edible for relaxation is in the early evening after work or other daily commitments are finished. This time frame allows you to focus on relaxation without worrying about something on your to-do list. A comforting cup of tea with botanically infused honey might be a nice way to enjoy some R&R and feel the delivered effects.

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When to Take Edibles for Sleep

If you’re looking to lean on edibles for sleep support, it is best to consume them one to two hours before you intend on going to sleep. This is because it can take one to two hours for edibles to take effect, depending on the potency of the edible and if you are consuming the edible on a full or empty stomach. Home infusion offers you full control over what type of edible you’d like to consume before bed, perhaps a warm bowl of oatmeal with infused milk or infused baked goods. With a LĒVO at your side, anything is possible! 

Tips for Consuming Edibles 

The active compounds in edibles do not take effect immediately after consumption. It may take anywhere from one to two hours to begin to feel the therapeutic effects, which is why we recommend timing your consumption appropriately for your circumstances. The active substances in an edible must move through the digestive system and it takes time for the body to metabolize the compounds. The compounds then enter the bloodstream, then the brain, interacting with neuroreceptors and triggering the desired therapeutic effects.

Consuming an edible on an empty stomach can reduce the time it takes to feel the effects. Eating an edible on a full stomach may extend the process and can potentially result in longer-lasting effects. If you have never taken an edible before, consider microdosing for a more subtle effect until you understand how particular botanical infusions impact your mind and body.

You may notice that gummies are one of the most popular forms of edibles. In part, that’s because gummies are easy to customize and with the LĒVO line of infusion machines, including the Gummy Mixer and their assortment of gummy-making accessories, they are a breeze to make! Gummies also have a long shelf life which makes them a viable option if you plan to consume them over a long period of time. 

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Finally, carefully consider your unique situation. Do you need to operate a car or heavy machinery at work? Hold off on consuming any edible until it is safe to do so and you have the time and space to enjoy it. Edibles are a fantastic way to explore the medicinal benefits of botanicals and flower and the LĒVO line of infusion machines makes creating your own easy, fun and exciting. 

Getting the Therapeutic Benefits of Infused Edibles 

The LĒVO line of infusion machines was designed to make home infusion an easy option for anyone! That’s right, there is no culinary expertise required when it comes to making infused oils, edibles, or topicals at home with LĒVO. Simply put, LĒVO takes the mystery and guesswork out of the infusion process and makes packing flavor and health benefits into artisanal infusions easy, safe, and affordable. When you control the ingredients like oils, herbs, and flowers, you also regulate the taste and health benefits of your infusion. With LĒVO, the only limit is your imagination. 

LĒVO’s line of at-home oil infusion machines includes three patented, automated infusion devices. The world’s first patented automated infusion machine is the LĒVO II. The LĒVO II is a great all-purpose device capable of crafting high-quality infusions from your favorite herbs and botanicals. It is especially great for someone looking to create personal size batches for home consumption. In addition to infusing, the LĒVO II features groundbreaking dry and activate cycles that maximize bioavailability and potency and help extend the shelf life of your final product. Precise time and temperature controls allow you to recreate your favorite infusions time after time with consistent and flavorful results. 

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The LĒVO Lux is an intelligent infusion machine with a luxuriously finish. It artfully infuses flavor and health benefits of almost any herb into infusions suitable for Michelin Star-quality recipes. If you’re a gardener and intrigued by the idea of infusing real homegrown freshness into your meals, the Lux is your perfect match. The Lux builds on the features of the LĒVO II and introduces a new and improved dry cycle, ideal for fresh herbal infusions! LĒVO Lux also includes three dispense modes for various carriers and even easier dispensing.  

High-frequency users and small business owners love the LĒVO C. This infusion machine boasts a jumbo pod capable of holding up to one ounce of herb or flower. The durable one-liter basin is non-toxic and dishwasher-safe, just like all LĒVO infusion machine parts. 

Regardless of your motivation for enjoying edibles, employing a LĒVO machine makes the process easier and immensely more cost effective! Because all machines offer a hands-off formula for crafting your own customized infusions, you can be sure that you have the infusion you’re looking for at the time you need it. With the simple push of a button, set it and forget it! Let LĒVO work its magic while you carry on with your day. Return to your LĒVO when your infusion is ready for use and incorporation into your final edible or topical product. Use your infusion to create culinary masterpieces, delectable edibles, or spa-quality bath and beauty products and enjoy them whenever you need them! There is LĒVO made infusion to fit all your needs!

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Donald Ross

Donald Ross

Can you infuse with pure bho wax
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Hi Donald, great question! Items that are waxy or sticky may melt down and stick to the herb pods/reservoir, resulting in poor infusion, clogging, and could overheat or cause melting inside of the LĒVO. We do not recommend infusing with this ingredient.

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