What is Microdosing?

What is Microdosing?

Microdosing is a popular method used to consume small amounts of herbs through infusions and edibles. It involves utilizing only a small amount of flower to get the desired dose of your infusion, resulting in a much subtler effect delivered to the consumer. As such, microdosing offers an ideal starting place for those just beginning to explore the realm of flower and edibles, including those looking to improve their overall wellness through the medicinal benefits of flower.

Microdose your own oils, butters, honeys, and beyond for use in gummies, baked goods, or nutritious meals. You can even microdose a Thanksgiving dinner and its accompanying dishes. 

In addition to the growing popularity of microdosing is the ability to create microdosed infusions right at home. The technology to do so is here and it couldn’t be simpler! LĒVO’s infusion machines are designed with the capabilities to “set it and forget it” when desiring to create home infusions for microdosed eats and treats.

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Why Microdose?

Microdosing provides desired results of the medicated herbal property without delivering significant dosing effects. It enables you to absorb the benefits of the herb without experiencing the psychoactive effects provided through typically dosed edibles. For many, microdosing consumables are used as means of improving clarity and performance as well as elevating mood, decreasing stress, and aiding in depression. 

Microdosing your eats and treats at home can be simple to do. Our LĒVO machines offer users the opportunity to infuse flower into any butter, honey, or oil of your choosing. At the same time, our edible mixes provide a quick and easy option when looking to make edibles at home. 

The Effects of Microdosing Edibles

Those who microdose can feel the effects for anywhere from four to six hours. Research also suggests that herbal microdosing offers numerous health benefits. 

Microdosing enables you to receive these health benefits without the stronger effects of most normally dosed edibles. Microdosing edibles should be customized to your own personal preferences, which is one of the goals set out by us here at LĒVO. Our home infusion machines make it easy to manage the dosing of your infusions and edibles while delivering a consistent end product with an even longer shelf life than other home infusion products.

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Microdosing Health Benefits

Microdosing offers a plethora of health benefits. For many, it is a method used to manage depression, anxiety, stress, or chronic pain. This is possible by delivering the herbal properties in doses that treat the targeted symptoms, without causing strong, potent effects provided by other commonly made edibles. You can experiment with different ratios and micro-doses to find the relief or return you want. At LĒVO, we make this possible. 

Microdose Your Edibles

Microdosing doesn’t have to be complicated, and you can experience the benefits simply at home. Get an infusion machine of your own and bring microdosing into your own lifestyle or to match your own needs. LĒVO’s line of products and accessories can help make the process of microdosing your meals, treats, and more even more effortless. With a collection of baking mixes, gummy kits, infusion sprayer and beyond, you can choose from the tools you need to make microdosing an easy step in your weekly routine. 

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