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10 Easy Healthy Dinner Recipes Made with LĒVO

10 Easy Healthy Dinner Recipes Made with LĒVO

Dinner time doesn’t have to be a struggle. You can put an elegant and delicious meal on the table that will impress your family and friends in no time. Even better, you can do it for less money tha...

ButterInfused Butter Garlic Langostino Scampi

Infused Butter Garlic Langostino Scampi

Garlic langostino (prawn, or shrimp) scampi is a delicious and delectable seafood dish. If you want to elevate this already classic dish, including infused butter will make it magnifico!  To begin,...

DinnerShrimp Salad Sandwich recipe

Shrimp Salad Sandwich Melt

We are incredibly excited to announce that we are welcoming Chef Charleen Cabaay to our team of ambassadors. Flower-advocate and culinary genius, Chef Charleen is the first Filipino-American female...

appetizerImage of infused oysters by LĒVO.

Infused Oysters

Try our infused oysters recipe for some fancy schmancy goodness.