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How to Make Bangin' Butter Hot Buffalo Wing Sauce

Bangin buffalo wings

Hot Wings are one of the most popular foods in America, so hot wing fans might find themselves making this homemade LĒVO-infused sauce regularly. Especially, once they see just how easy it is to follow this recipe to create something amazing! 

Wings are versatile because you can easily prepare and serve them for lunch, dinner, or party appetizers. You can add side dishes and garnishes to your liking. The secret to outstanding wings is the sauce, and it’s even better when it is infused with your favorite herb’s botanicals!  

The latest health trend is cooking with herb-infused oils and butter. Botanical-infused cooking products offer an efficient way to absorb your favorite herb’s beneficial properties. 

Botanical terpenes are found in all plant life, and they are responsible for the distinct aromas and tastes found in citrus, berries, and vanilla. This recipe gives you a robust spice profile with the added value of botanical compounds infused in butter. 

Infused Butter

A LĒVO home infusion machine comes in super handy for sauce recipes (it also does a great job keeping the smell associated with decarbing contained within the machine). If you don’t have a LĒVO yet (and why not?) but still want to make this classic crowd-pleasing recipe, you can find those old fashioned manual decarbing and infusing instructions here.


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Kelly Kowalczyk

Kelly Kowalczyk

Thank you so much for the recipes! I plan on trying these out for some summer fun!
LEVO Oil Infusion, Inc. replied:
Hi Kelly, thanks so much for your positive feedback! We can’t wait to hear how you are enjoying our other recipes. Happy Infusing!

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