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How To Infuse Butter With Herbs

Part of the LEVO fun is making your own creations, and with an infused butter, the possibilities are endless. Use this simple step-by-step recipe to effortlessly combine butter with fresh herbs or dried herbs of your choice. You'll say goodbye to the old slow cooker method once you try this! 

To start, you'll need a clean glass, glass jar (such as a mason jar), or container like LEVO's Herb Block Tray for storing your finished infused butter. 

Other items you might find helpful for this recipe: 

Once you nail this infused butter recipe, try out these other basic infusion recipes next: 

Ready to learn how to infuse butter with herbs? Let's go!


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Carolyn Carr calendar_today

I made my first batch of special oil today. I wanted to try it while it was warm. I dipped a piece of rye bread in it. It was friggin delicious.
Now I’m waiting for my gummie mixes to come in! Gonna make some friends happy.

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