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7 Creative Solutions For Leftover Herbal Infusion Pulp

Want to get the most out of your herbal infusion? After making your delicious infused Organic Brownies, Gummy Mix Trio, or whatever else you love to add infused oil and butter to in your LĒVO II Infusion Machine, you might be hoping for a bit more from your leftover herbal infusion pulp. Luckily, there are many ways you can use the infusion remnants (which generally still have nutritional value) before you pop them in your compost.

It’s a sustainable and cost-friendly way to utilize your herbs, and means you can make your dollars go further. Convinced? Read on to learn how to extend the life of your leftover herbal infusion pulp.

Infusion Pulp

Terminology alert! At LĒVO, we like to call the leftover herbal infusion pulp, (a.k.a. the weird, sludge-type remnants of herbs left in your LĒVO Power Pod after an infusion) ABI. This stands for “Already Been Infused.” Making up abbreviations is fun!

ABI from flower still has a ton of benefits. Check out our private Facebook group, the LĒVO Love Club, for more details on the strength and impact of ABI from flower. In the meantime, get out your ABI from out of your LĒVO Power Pod and try out these delicious and easy homemade ideas. 

1. Create Herbal Tea

Mix a tablespoon of ABI with your favorite tea leaves, add to a tea strainer, and infuse into a mug of hot water. Soothing, easy and delicious!

2. Blend Into a Smoothie

Who loves a smoothie bowl? We can’t get enough of them! This smoothie bowl is packed full of superfoods. Simply leave out the flower-infused EVOO, and use your ABI instead. 

3. Make Some Pesto

Try out this delicious infused kale and walnut pesto, but add your ABI into the mix. Green as can be!  

4. Use As a Simple Garnish

Rather than buying herbs to use as a garnish on your food and smoothies, how about trying a pinch of ABI? It’s free and adds a lovely dark green hue to the top of your meal. 

5. Blend Vibrant Breadcrumbs

Put a small amount of ABI in your blender alongside stale bread and your favorite spices. Blend and you’ll have a delicious, nutritious breadcrumb topping to coat your favorite foods and add to your pasta bakes and casseroles. 

6. Spruce Up Your Salsa

Good salsa is tangy, fresh and the perfect snack or addition to a Mexican meal. Adding your ABI can give your dip an earthy flavor and complement the tomato well. 

7. Infuse In Your Soup

Adding your ABI to a pot of soup bubbling away on the stove can be a great way to use all the nutrients in your precious herbs. It will blend in well with this broccoli, cheddar and cauliflower soup! Simply leave out the LEVO infusion, and use your leftover pulp instead.

Ready to get started? Here are some more items to help you get the most out of your infusions: 

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