Infusion Recipes

Image of the final product after learning how to make vanilla lip scrub with LEVO.

How To Make Vanilla Lip Scrub

Make your own skincare products, starting with this vanilla sugar lip scrub!

Almond OilImage of a homemade handwashing soap wrapped in twine next to another homemade handwashing soap.

Homemade Handwashing Soap With Lemon & Eucalyptus

Make your own homemade handwashing soap to make handwashing at home even more fun.

Almond OilA person removes moisturizing beard oil from a LĒVO bottle to use on their beard.

Moisturizing Beard Oil

Beards deserve love, too. Use this DIY moisturizing beard oil after your next beard trim.

AftershaveImage of a LEVO made DIY aftershave balm in a reusable container on a wooden table.

Soothing DIY Aftershave Balm

If you're experiencing irritation post-shave, try this DIY aftershave balm as an upgrade. 

BeautyImage of the tools needed to use your #LEVOmade homemade rosemary mint shaving cream.

Homemade Rosemary Mint Shaving Cream

Whether you like to be clean shaven or not, there’s nothing like a minty fresh scent.

BeautyImage of the finished product of this lavender shower steamers recipe.

Lavender Shower Steamers

A nice, long, hot shower can cure most bad days. Add in lavender shower steamers and mmm, that's an experience. 

BeautyImage of citrus fresh shower steamers finished product.

Citrus Fresh Shower Steamers

Drop one of these citrus fresh shower steamers on the floor of your shower and let the bubbly, fizzy, steam room experience begin. 

BeautyImage of DIY hair growth oil in a bottle by LĒVO.

DIY Hair Growth Oil For Longer Locks

Do you struggle with hair loss? This DIY hair growth oil, infused using LĒVO, could be your go-to remedy.