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How To Make Infused Peanut Butter At Home

There are a million ways to eat peanut butter – with jelly on toast, smeared onto chocolate, in a smoothie, straight from the jar – but did you know the process of making it is actually super simple? In just five minutes, you’ll have whizzed up this recipe and be questioning why you ever bought the creamy spread ready-made. It’s that easy! Keep reading to learn how to make Infused Peanut Butter at home!

Key Takeaways

  1. Simple and Quick: Making your own infused peanut butter at home is surprisingly easy and quick, requiring just a handful of ingredients and a few minutes to prepare. This allows you to enjoy a fresh, homemade version of this staple without the additives found in store-bought brands.

  2. Health Benefits: Incorporate a healthful twist by using honey instead of processed sugars, which not only enhances flavor but also adds the antioxidant benefits of high-quality honey, like Mānuka. This makes the peanut butter a healthier choice, especially when you control the ingredients.

  3. Versatile Uses: Infused peanut butter can elevate a variety of dishes and snacks, from classic PB&J sandwiches to smoothies, or even as a unique addition to savory recipes like burgers. Its versatility makes it an excellent staple in any kitchen.

  4. Customizable Infusion: Using a LĒVO II device simplifies the infusion process, allowing you to easily integrate beneficial herbs into your peanut butter. This customization not only enhances the nutritional profile but also tailors the flavor to your liking, making it a perfect fit for both novice and experienced cooks looking for an easy way to incorporate more herbs into their diet.

Infused Peanut Butter

Whether you’re a finger-dipper or a spoon-licker, odds are you love peanut butter. Same! We love it so much that we’ve added an *infused* twist to homemade peanut butter for those who want to take their peanut butter to the *next level* if ya know what we mean… 

Infused? What’s that? When we say “infused” we’re talking about edibles, but if that’s not your thing, just skip the infusion! 

A 420-friendly version of peanut butter will have you pumped when the pantry’s looking bare. It also means you have a ready-made infusion on-hand to pair with chocolate or use in your home baking, whenever you please. How about Peanut Butter Bites to fulfill that late-night craving? 

Creamy infused peanut butter, made with LĒVO.

This Infused Peanut Butter recipe calls for just four ingredients – yes four! – to make a delicious, creamy jar of peanut butter that you can store for many months and enjoy when you crave a different type of edible. 

What’s With The Honey, Honey?

If you’ve already scrolled down and had a peek at the ingredients, you might have noticed that our Infused Peanut Butter calls for honey. Honey might seem like a strange addition to this recipe, but hear us out! The peanuts, combined with sea salt, make for a deliciously salty spread, but balance is key. The honey adds a naturally sweet element to the final mixture, without taking away from the savory goodness. If you really don’t like sweet food (say what!?) then feel free to leave the honey out.

Image of honey, used to make infused peanut butter with LĒVO.

Another great thing about honey is that it’s a natural sweetener and if you use a good quality variety, you won’t be putting any nasty, processed sugar near your precious body. High-quality honey is rich in antioxidants – so how about adding some Mānuka honey to your Infused Peanut Butter? It boasts wonderful antioxidant-rich properties that are said to help with everything from sore throats to wound healing. 

The No-Fuss Way To Infuse

While you can absolutely activate your herbs and infuse them in oil the old-fashioned way (cue hours spent at the oven and a rather herby smelling house), using a LĒVO II makes things a lot easier. The countertop device requires pushing just a few buttons to infuse any of your favorite herbs into oil or butter. The LĒVO II is sleek, comes in a variety of colors, and looks oh-so-innocent to any friends or family who might be a bit less keen on flower. 

Image of a blue LĒVO II device, used to make infused peanut butter and more.

But First, 4 Ways To Use Your Infused Peanut Butter

Before you make your Infused Peanut Butter, don’t you wanna know how you can use it? Of course straight outta the jar is totally cool, but it’s also helpful to have a few more *sophisticated* solutions up your sleeve. Here’s four easy ways to use your new creation! 

1. Peanut Butter Cups

Yes, peanut butter cups can be made at home and yes, they are delicious. Just add your Infused Peanut Butter to this recipe, and enjoy a delicious homemade chocolate treat. Because your peanut butter is already infused with flower, skip the coconut oil infusion in this recipe and just use normal coconut oil. 

2. Flower-Infused PB&J

You know the drill. Take your favorite sliced bread, add a layer of butter, some strawberry jelly, and a slathering of Infused Peanut Butter and HELLO nostalgia. If you’re feeling wild (ahem, got the munchies), try frying your sandwich in a pan, so the peanut butter gets all oozy and gooey. Just don’t burn your mouth! 

3. Peanut Butter Smoothie

Add this Infused Peanut Butter to your favorite smoothie. We like almond milk, banana, chia seeds, and a spoonful of peanut butter in ours. Or how about a dollop in a Superfood Smoothie Bowl With Homemade Granola? A very chill way to start the day, if you ask us. 

4. Copycat White Castle Burgers

Okay this might sound strange, but peanut butter works incredibly well in a burger. We created a copycat version of White Castle’s famous sliders and added this unexpected ingredient to amp things up a bit. Just make sure if you’re adding Infused Peanut Butter to the recipe, skip the milk infusion bit… because we don’t want you getting sky-high. 

Psst! You could even use this Infused Peanut Butter recipe as a gift idea for other flower-loving friends. Pop it in a jar, tie a bow around it, and you’ve got a gift made with love. You’ll be everyone’s BFF. 

Are you a peanut butter lover? We've got you covered! Check out our recipes for DIY Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Peanut Butter Rice Krispie Treat Edibles and Infused Peanut Butter Chocolate Mug Cakes. If you give them a try, don't forget to tag #LEVOmade and let us know what you think!


What are the benefits of making my own infused peanut butter?

Making your own infused peanut butter at home allows you full control over the ingredients, ensuring there are no unnecessary additives or preservatives. It's a healthier alternative that lets you adjust the flavor and potency according to your preference. Plus, it's a fun way to incorporate your favorite flower into a versatile, edible form.

Can I use any type of oil for the infusion process?

Yes, you can use various types of oil for making infused peanut butter. We recommend using a neutral-tasting oil like vegetable oil or grapeseed oil to not overpower the peanut flavor. Extra virgin olive oil is also a good choice for its health benefits, but keep in mind it will add a slight flavor to your peanut butter.

What should I do if I prefer my peanut butter without any sweetness?

If you prefer a more savory peanut butter, you can simply omit the honey from the recipe. The honey is included to balance the saltiness with a bit of sweetness, but it's entirely optional based on your taste preferences.

How should I store the infused peanut butter and how long will it last?

Store your infused peanut butter in an airtight jar in a cool, dry place, or for extended freshness, keep it refrigerated. When stored properly, infused peanut butter can last for several months. However, always check for any signs of spoilage before use, especially if stored at room temperature.



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LĒVO oil and butter infusers streamline the oil and butter infusion process, reduce mess, and minimize the smell of decarbing & infusing flower thanks to patented technology. With the ability to decarboxylate + infuse all-in-one machine,LĒVO is the only oil infuser of its kind.

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