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Infused Chocolate Peppermint Bark

If you give someone a LĒVO they’ll want to make infused butter. And if they have infused butter, they’ll want to make a tasty edible to snack on. This much we all know to be true. Sometimes making edibles can pose a challenge. Maybe you just don’t have the time to bake, or perhaps you’ve got many loved ones crashing at your apartment for the holidays.

Whatever your challenge may be, take heart in knowing we took all the hard work out of edibles for you. That’s why we’re proud to present a recipe for Infused Chocolate Peppermint Bark. The end result? An edible which might be...dare we admit...too delicious to share.



The Magic of Infusing

Before we embark on the journey of enhancing chocolate peppermint bark, let's take a moment to appreciate its essence – the rich, velvety combination of chocolate and the cool, refreshing burst of peppermint. Now, imagine elevating this classic delight with infused flavors, turning it into a symphony for the senses. While a tried-and-true chocolate peppermint bark recipe sets the stage, infusing your creation with unique flavors is where the magic happens. Consider playing with different textures, spices, or unconventional pairings to elevate your bark to a whole new level.

Edibles Made Easy

With LĒVO's oil infusion machines, you'll have a culinary companion perfect for infusion enthusiasts. While renowned for herbal and oil infusions, LĒVO's versatility extends to chocolate, offering a precise and convenient way to infuse flavors that go beyond the ordinary.

Hazelnut-Infused Chocolate Layer:
Elevate the chocolate layer of your peppermint bark by incorporating LĒVO-infused hazelnut oil. The subtle nuttiness of hazelnut adds depth to the chocolate, creating a harmonious blend that resonates with sophistication. The controlled infusion process ensures a seamless integration of flavors.

Rosemary-Infused White Chocolate Swirl:
Experiment with LĒVO by infusing rosemary into white chocolate for a surprising twist. The herbal notes of rosemary complement the sweetness of white chocolate, adding an element of complexity to your peppermint bark. Swirl this infused white chocolate throughout for an elegant and aromatic touch.

Peppermint Oil Infusion:
Instead of relying solely on traditional peppermint extract, consider using LĒVO to infuse peppermint oil into the chocolate. This allows for a more nuanced and controlled peppermint flavor, ensuring each bite delivers the perfect balance of richness and refreshing coolness.

Tips for Infusing Peppermint Bark

Select Quality Ingredients:
Choose high-quality chocolates and oils for infusion. This ensures that the infused flavors meld seamlessly with the chocolate peppermint bark, resulting in a sophisticated and delightful treat.

Experiment with Infusion Strength:
LĒVO's precise control over time and temperature allows you to tailor the strength of your infusions. Experiment with different settings to achieve the desired intensity, ensuring the infused elements complement rather than overpower the overall flavor.

Layering with Precision:
When layering your infused chocolates, do so with precision. Take your time to create distinct layers, allowing each infusion to shine through. This meticulous approach ensures a visually appealing and flavor-rich peppermint bark.

LEVO peppermint bark

Crafting infused chocolate peppermint bark is an art that transforms a beloved holiday treat into a sensorial masterpiece. With LĒVO as your ally, the infusion process becomes an enjoyable part of the creative journey. Whether you choose to infuse hazelnut into the chocolate, add a touch of rosemary to the white chocolate, or enhance the peppermint flavor with precision using LĒVO, incorporating this infusion machine into your peppermint bark creation promises a unique and luxurious experience. So, savor each bite, delight in the symphony of infused flavors, and share the joy of this elevated holiday treat with friends and family.

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