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How To Make The Viral TikTok Salad Recipe With Green Goddess Dressing

If you've been on social media in the past few months, chances are, you've seen the viral TikTok salad recipe by Baked By Melissa. The salad, which is 100% vegan and topped with a green goddess dressing, has taken the internet by storm! Its versatility is unparalleled and the internet critics are giving it a 10/10 rating — enjoy it on its own, as a side, on sandwiches, or even as a substitution for guac. With all of the rave reviews, we just had to try it and give our own infused spin to it.

Salad dressing is the perfect way to use and microdose your infused oil (we love using the Infusion Sprayer for salad dressings) and stick to your healthy eating goals, proving that edibles can be healthy. Just swap your infused oil, whether you like to use olive oil or avocado oil as the base, with the oil in your favorite dressing recipe.

Green Goddess Salad Dressing  Infused Oil Sprayer

This green goddess dressing is packed with nutrients and flavor. If you love basil and garlic, you're going to devour it! The best part is, this recipe keeps in your fridge for up to one week, so you can have it on hand for multiple snacks, lunches, and dinners.

Today, we're going to show you how to make the viral TikTok salad recipe with a green goddess dress infused with our favorite magical herb.

Here are some of the tools you'll need to make this recipe at home:

If you love this recipe, be sure to check out our infused vegan meal plan for even more healthy, meatless meal ideas.

Without further adieu, here is how to make the viral TikTok salad recipe with green goddess dressing.


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Wendy calendar_today

I can use honey, maple syrup, and oil in the infuser?
LEVO Oil Infusion, Inc. replied:
I’ve got three words for you: ab. so. lutely.

Here is a great Cinnamon-Infused Maple Syrup Recipe:
And here is how to infuse Honey:

You can find other ingredients you can infuse on our Infusion Calculator as well:

Kim GARTON calendar_today

LOVE MY LEVO2, I’ve infused vegan butter, Honey, olive oil, with magical herbs for healthy & better life style PLANT LIFE IS LIFE! Thank you my next goal is to make Salva creams. Nothing impossible when u have Levo2.

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