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14 Valentine's Day Treat Recipes

There is no better way to celebrate a day of love than with something sweet and someone special! Spend quality time with your partner, pals or gals by making some delicious Valentine’s Day treats to enjoy together or create an infused gift for someone you love! We’ve compiled 14 of our favorite treat recipes that are perfect for Valentine’s Day gifting, sharing and enjoying! Here are 14 Valentine's Day recipes you can easily make at home.

1. Strawberry Brownies

pink brownies
Who doesn't love a good moist brownie? We’ve romanticized this classic recipe by adding some juicy strawberries to make these sweet squares pink and holiday inspired! These
Strawberry Brownies are a sweet and tart combination of chocolate and strawberry, promising to delight every palate! Strawberries are also a good provider of antioxidants, Vitamin C, and fiber offering some additional health benefits to this perfect Valentine treat!

2. Infused Chocolate Bars

homemade chocolate bar
Put a spin on your usual chocolate bars by infusing them with any herb of your choice! Some of our favorites include lavender or coffee infused chocolate. You can also incorporate different flavors into your
DIY Infused Chocolate Bars, such as peanut butter, nuts, raisins, or dried fruits. Print out some homemade candy wrappers for an elevated and unique homemade Valentine treat! With LĒVO, making thoughtful gifts and quality infused treats is easy and more cost effective than what you would normally find in stores.

3. Infused Chocolate Covered Strawberries

chocolate covered strawberries

Chocolate-covered strawberries are a romantic Valentine classic dessert that everyone is sure to love! This recipe elevates this traditional treat by incorporating customized, infused chocolate, bringing a deeper element to your chocolate strawberries. Get creative with your Infused Chocolate Covered Strawberries by adding some design and decoration to these lovely treats. Sprinkle with nuts, sugar crystals or edible shimmer. Your partner is sure to be impressed with your effort and imagination!

4. Infused Chocolate Love Cakes

baby love cakes
Let go of boring store-bought Valentine cakes and dive into the fun of making your own unique and special love cakes! Infused with love and your favorite herb, your Valentine is sure to feel the love of these home crafted delights! Celebrate your love with these
Infused Chocolate Love Cakes and be sure to let us know what your Valentine had to say about this special surprise!

5. Flower & Champagne-Infused Gummies

champagne gummies

Valentine's celebrations are not complete without a little touch of bubbly! Make your own Flower and Champagne-Infused Gummies for an elevated, romantic surprise this Valentine’s Day. These beauties would make for the perfect gift for your Valentine or Galentine’s party favor. You can either choose a single-colored gummy or be playful with colors and create a rainbow of gummies.

6. Espresso Chocolate Chip Cookies

espresso chocolate chip cookies

Coffee and chocolate chips? We took these two favorites and melded them into one special Valentine treat, Espresso Chocolate Chip Cookies. If your Valentine is a coffee or chocolate lover (or both) these will make for the perfect DIY gift for them! Enjoy a delicious balance of bitter and sweet flavors, while benefiting from that little extra boost of caffeine!

7. Double Chocolate Peppermint Sandwich Cookies

peppermint infused sandwich cookies
Double Chocolate Peppermint Sandwich Cookies are such a fun Valentine’s day treat for sharing and DIY gifting! The flavor combination is sure to tantalize your taste buds, making it difficult to have just one of these sweet treats. Create a custom box and attach a heartfelt message for a perfect homemade Valentine's Day gift.

8. Caramel-Infused Chocolate Squares

caramel chocolate squares

These quick and easy-to-make
Caramel Infused Chocolate Squares make for a great Valentine’s Day treat. Combining only 3 simple ingredients, get a delectable chocolate caramel treat that is crunchy, nutty and very much irresistible. With LĒVO, infusing these delightful treats is a breeze. The LĒVO II and LĒVO Lux make it easy to dry, decarboxylate and infuse your herb into butter for the infused benefits of this special holiday treat. Pop over to learn more about LĒVO and why culinary creatives and edible home chefs are reaching for these specific machines.

9. Easy Brownie Edibles


Brownie edibles
are a staple for any hemp-loving Valentine! With LĒVO, these edible classics are easy and enjoyable to make. Add some peanut butter, nuts, dried fruits or caramel for additional flavor, or decorate with holiday inspired sprinkles or glitter! Pack these babies up in a pink or red box, tie with a bow, and add a thoughtful note for a fun Valentine surprise your friends are sure to love!

10. Sour Gummy Infused Butter Worms

sour gummy worms

Worm your way into a special someone’s heart with these Sour Gummy Worms. Your Valentine is sure to appreciate this candy classic homemade by you! Pop into a clear bag and add a cute Valentine’s note for a thoughtful and memorable DIY gift that will send taste buds soaring!

11. Chocolate Fondue

chocolate fondue
Chocolate fondue is a classic romantic treat that you can make easily at home. This
chocolate fondue recipe is the perfect addition to a special evening created by you for your Valentine. Choose from your favorite fondue favorites like fruit, cookies, marshmallows and more for a fun and flavor-filled evening. Want to go the extra mile for your Valentine this year? Pair with a homemade charcuterie board, complete with a variety of homemade infused goods to elevate the fun even further!

12. Nerd Rope Gummies

nerd candies
If you didn’t hop on the
Nerd Rope Gummies when they were trending it is not too late to show off some next level gummy making skills for your Valentine this year! Experiment with different flavors and colors for extra creativity and make some homemade Valentine’s Day gifts your friends are guaranteed to enjoy! Follow this recipe for a flawless gummy making experience including guided steps on how to prepare with hemp-infused coconut oil dosed to your liking.

13. Gummy Bear Edibles Recipe

homemade gummy bear edibles
Infuse some extra love into your Valentine date this year with these homemade
Gummy Bear Edibles. This recipe creates gummy bears with the most perfect gummy texture. From pineapple and raspberry to milk chocolate and dark chocolate, LĒVO helps you experiment with all kinds of gummy bear creations. Find the flavor that is fit for your special someone and enjoy the day together with these flower infused gummy bear edibles.

14. Heart Shaped Lollipops

heart lollipop

What's the best way to share love other than giving your heart? Gifting your love a Heart Shaped Lollipop! These are the perfect treat to give your heart away. You can easily customize these cuties according to your partner's favorite flavor too! Tie a few lollipops into a mini bouquet and attach a Valentine’s note for a thoughtful homemade Valentine gift and treat.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with LĒVO

Valentine's Day is the perfect time to show your love and affection by giving homemade treats. With LĒVO machines, it's never been easier to make your own delicious, hemp-infused treats! Learn how LĒVO machines make your infusion process easier and more convenient here! Plus, check out these 10 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for more Valentine's Day inspiration as well!

Choose from the LĒVO II, LĒVO C, and LĒVO Lux machines and get started making your own special treats for Valentine's Day… and any other day of the year too! 

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Monja Anderson calendar_today

Great ideas. Love to use my Levo machines and all the different infusions. Great ideas and recipes and like getting my own creations a go. Ty

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LĒVO oil and butter infusers streamline the oil and butter infusion process, reduce mess, and minimize the smell of decarbing & infusing flower thanks to patented technology. With the ability to decarboxylate + infuse all-in-one machine,LĒVO is the only oil infuser of its kind.

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