Infusiast Spotlight: Sydney Torabi

Infusiast Spotlight: Sydney Torabi

Introducing Sydney Torabi, a dynamic advocate for holistic wellness and the subtle art of incorporating flower into everyday life. Sydney's journey from collegiate athlete to wellness enthusiast was sparked by a personal revelation, propelling her into a world where movement, nutrition, and the benefits of flower intertwine. With a passion for simplicity and genuine connection, Sydney invites you to delve deeper into her story through an intimate Q&A that explores her inspirations, challenges, and creative process.

Can you share a bit about yourself and your journey into the world of cooking, wellness and flower?

Absolutely! I grew up a sporty kid. Always moving, playing, and competing. Movement was practically embedded in my DNA. During college, I had the opportunity to swim for the University of Texas and while I was there, I studied Nutrition and fell in love with getting to know how nutrition could impact our health, for better or worse. Since I swam, I wasn’t allowed, nor did I really care for anything flower-related. But, in 2015 my sister was in a car wreck, and she used more hemp-based products on her road to recovery. It would later turn out, there was something to this CBD thing. During her recovery, it gave me a whole new perspective on flower and what it could be. As an athlete, using it for recovery and better sleep, and as someone who prefers flower over alcohol, it’s my new vice.  So, I love that the conversation has shifted and I’m becoming more and more confident in my ability to meet more people and do more within the athletic and flower-related space!


What inspires your work, and how do you hope to impact your community or audience?

I am constantly inspired by people I follow or know who are completely true to themselves and aim to teach. As an almost 30 year old, personal trainer and business owner, I’m always looking for ways to create community and find more people that like the things I like that feel authentic. At the end of the day, I want to feel my best and help others feel that way too.


How did you first come across LĒVO, and what made you decide to incorporate it into your work?

I’m pretty sure I was introduced to LĒVO through my sister; she was always into trying out homemade edibles. When LĒVO came around, it brought class and style to infusing homemade edibles.


In what ways has using LĒVO changed or enhanced your creative process?

I’m inspired by how sleek the design is. It makes infusing a more enjoyable process. All of my flower, oil and ingredients are contained, and the device can even sit on the kitchen counter without looking out of place.


Can you share a memorable experience or project where LĒVO played a pivotal role?

Yes, I was new to discovering LĒVO. I decided to make an “unboxing” video for my YouTube channel because I figured other people might want to know what they’re about to invest their hard earned money in… and that video I thought would get a couple hundred views is now sitting at almost 200,000 on YouTube. I had no idea it would have that kind of impact!

Walk us through your creative process. How do you go from idea to execution, particularly when using LĒVO in your creations?

It all comes down to ease and keeping it relatively clean. I gather inspiration from other creators' “regular” recipes and put my own spin on them to see how I can make it infused! It’s a relatively simple process and I try not to get too much in my head. At the end of the day, it’s an upgrade from homemade firecrackers.


How do you experiment with different ingredients or recipes with LĒVO? Are there any favorites you've discovered?

I love the classics. So, infusing everyday items like coconut oil and butter are great for enhancing any recipe! I’ve recently been using them for homemade macaroons and healthified desserts like protein puppy chow!


What challenges have you faced in your work, and how have you overcome them? Has LĒVO helped in addressing any of these challenges?

I’m grateful that my challenges haven’t been major. There will always be challenges we face and I believe that you can overcome anything.


What have you learned about yourself or your craft since you started using LĒVO?

I’ve learned that I am more skilled than I thought and I need to share that more. I’ve alway considered myself a home chef and while I love to cook and bake for myself, I don’t do it nearly enough for my friends and family.


How do you engage with your community or audience around your creations? Do you have any tips for others looking to share their work?

I love asking questions, peaking curiosity, and getting someone to question “why?" My answer is "why not!" There are no rules when it comes to creating and that goes for recipe creation, too. My best tip would just be to go for it. What do you have to lose?


Have you collaborated with other creators or brands? How do those experiences shape your approach to your work?

Yes, quite a few! I learn something new about the industry and about myself every single time. I’m grateful for every great and not so great partnership I’ve been in. They shape how I approach new relationships and conversations, making sure my voice and creativity isn’t diminished and I stay true to myself while still highlighting the brand.


What future projects or ideas are you excited about? Can LĒVO play a role in these plans?

I honestly have no clue. I’d like to say I plan that far in advance, but right now, I’m just going with the flow and following my gut.


How do you see your work evolving, and what impact do you hope to have in the long term?

I see my skills building both on the infusion side and recipe development side. Taking time, “maturing” in the kitchen, and finding my way to cook and share content to my people.


Finally, could you share a favorite recipe of yours that utilizes LĒVO? What's the story behind it, and why did you choose to share this one with our audience?

I’ve got to say, this most recent one with Protein Puppy Chow + Flower Infused Oil has made it to the top 5. It’s also freakishly easy to whip together which puts it even higher on my list.


Can you provide some tips or insights for those trying out this recipe at home with their LĒVO?

Don’t overthink it. It’s a simple recipe! Use high quality ingredients and let them shine.

Where can our audience follow you and your work online?

Instagram/TikTok @spinsyddy

YouTube @ Sydney Torabi

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