Infusiast Spotlight: Johnny K.

Infusiast Spotlight: Johnny K.

Meet Johnny K., a passionate infüsiast whose love for infusion and culinary creativity has taken his culinary creations to the next level. With a strong background in using flower for both medicinal and culinary purposes, Johnny's journey with LĒVO began over a decade ago. His expertise and enthusiasm have led him to become an integral part of the LĒVO community, recently hosting a highly successful LĒVO social event. As one of the first hosts in the newly launched LĒVO Host Program, Johnny is here to share his story, his favorite recipes, and tips for hosting your own LĒVO Social. Join us as we dive into Johnny’s world of flavorful infusions and learn how LĒVO has transformed his approach to cooking.

Tell us a little about yourself and how you started your LĒVO infusion journey.

Wow, first off, let me say how grateful I am for this moment. I’ve always had a strong passion for flower and cooking and baking in particular. I began my infusion journey about 13 years ago, thanks to an elderly woman looking for a better option to her MS medication and her curiosity of the benefits of flower without smoking. Fast forward 10 years, I received a LĒVO II as a gift from a woman whose husband had recently passed. It was his LĒVO and knowing about my passion she gifted it to me with hopes I’d get the most out of it. One year later, look at me now, hosting LĒVO parties. I'd go as far to say it was fate. Since getting the LĒVO, I’ve been able to be way more adventurous, thanks to its versatility and easy operation. I can only hope to one day have an infused treats shop of my own.

Can you share a recap of your recent (and highly successful) LĒVO hosted party?

My LĒVO social was amazing! The guests were awesome, everyone gave genuine thoughts and had very good questions. The menu consisted of Infused Fruity Pebbles Unicorn Crisps, Passion Fruit Gummies, Infused Iced Tea, Oreo Cheesecake, Honey Chicken Tenders, Mashed Potatoes and a CBD Passion Fruit Peach Tea. A high point of the night for me was when everyone began to ask for seconds leading to a round of applause. Since then, I’ve been getting asked when the next one will be just about everyday. I'm totally looking forward to my next LĒVO Social.

How did you get involved with the 'Host a LĒVO Social' program?

I got involved with the program through the LĒVO Love Club on Facebook. It was honestly a stroke of fate. Thanks to my involvement in the club and knowledge that I’ve gained throughout my years of infusing, I wound up being a perfect fit. I’d like to shout out the LĒVO team for all of their support and help to make this all possible.

Could you share a highlight of your LĒVO Social party?

A highlight of the party for me was when I was asked about the medical benefits of infusing with a LĒVO. I was given a chance to briefly dive into the possibilities of creating a better quality of life and putting power back into the hands of the people.

How did your guests react to the LĒVO-infused dishes and drinks?

The fact that I had a variety of age groups invited several different reactions. There were of course those that were mainly concerned with the potency but also those interested in the possible health benefits. Overall, the general reaction was shock and disbelief that all the items could be infused with such ease and not have an overwhelming flower taste.

What are some of the most popular infusions you created for the event?

By far the most enjoyed infusion had to be the Oreo Cheesecake. It's a super simple dish and tastes amazing! The Passion Fruit Gummies came in at a close second. The flavor and texture won everyone over, including myself. Oh, but I can’t leave out the Buttered Mashed Potatoes. I had to hide an extra serving of those for myself.

How do you see the 'Host a LĒVO Social' program impacting the LĒVO community?

I see this program making a huge impact on the LĒVO community in several ways. The biggest, in my opinion, is giving the community the knowledge to make an affordable and allergen-friendly alternative to buying pre-made options. I also believe it’ll help spread the infüsiasm and bring more members to the LĒVO Love Club and aid in the advancement of future infusions.

What tips do you have for someone looking to host their own LĒVO Social?

The biggest tip I have is to start prepping early. The timeline goes by a lot faster than you’d expect when you're trying to have multiple infused items that are properly dosed. My next tip would be to trust your gut literally. If you think it tastes good, your guests will, too. Don't overthink it. Lastly, if you run into any complications just reach out to our members in the LĒVO Love Club. Their knowledge is abundant.

Can you give us a sneak peek into your upcoming digital workshop?  What topics will you cover in the workshop?

In this upcoming workshop I will be taking a dive into using the LĒVO for flower infusions. Some of the topics will include the times and temperatures associated with the process, as well as, a few easy recipes you can try.

Why should people attend the 'How to Host a LĒVO Happy Hour, Social, or Infused Dinner' workshop?

I feel that this workshop will be great for all of those who attend regardless of experience. It will be a chance to learn or go over a few techniques, as well as, meet other infusion experts that have tons of knowledge and recipes to share.

How has the LĒVO machine changed your approach to flower infusion?

Owning a LĒVO has given me a major confidence boost when it comes to the different infusions I’ve been experimenting with. Knowing that my infusion is going to be simple and smooth, regardless of the medium I use, gives me more time to be creative and focus on elevating my dish to the next level.

Do you have any favorite features of the LĒVO machine?

I own a LĒVO II and my favorite feature would have to be the dispense button without a doubt. I hate to have a mess in the kitchen and being able to get rid of the whole straining process saves so much time.

Besides the upcoming LĒVO Workshop, how can people find you? Anything else you'd like to share?

I'd have to say the easiest way to find me is look for the guy with locs out kayaking, haha. You can also find me on Instagram and Facebook @thesugakane, all one word. Again, thank you all for taking the time to read about an average joe, or in this case, Johnny. Feel free to send me a message if you need any tips or cool ideas for your social.

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