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The Best Time and Temperature for Infusing Flower into Butter, Oil, and Honey

We know you want to get the most out of your LĒVO infusion machine and it starts by selecting the optimal time and temperature for infusing your flower into butter, oil, and honey. Because memorizing the best times and temperatures for various mediums can be challenging, we have created a definitive guide to help you keep track of the best settings for making infusions. Using this guide as a reference, you can feel confident that you are creating high-quality products every time. There is no limit to the creativity you can impart in the infusion process!

Watch this video for all your specific flower time and temperature questions answered:


The Best Time and Temperature for Infusing Butter 

At LĒVO, we believe that recipes are made even more flavorful with the addition of infused butter. However, the traditional process of infusing butter with herbs or flower can be arduous and messy. LĒVO infusion machines make the process easy and stress-free.

For infused butter, we recommend starting with high-quality butter. Our favorites are Irish and grass-fed butter. However, any butter you like will work.

The ideal time and temperature settings to infuse medicinal flower into butter is 170°F for 5 hours. To help, we have a recipe for
how to infuse butter with herbs.

While infused butter is incredibly versatile, we recommend using it in sweet treats. The fat content of butter gives baked goods a rich and luscious quality. Cakes, cookies, bread, and brownies are popular choices. However, don’t discount adding infused butter to your savory dishes. It can add unexpected flavor to baked chicken or pasta. 

infusing butter with LEVO

The Best Time and Temperature for Infusing Olive Oil

Olive oil is popular because it can be used in various applications, from cooking and sautéing to baking. It is also the star ingredient in salad dressings and vinaigrettes. Olive oil is made by pressing olives and extracting the oil, and the flavor can be complex depending on the region of the olive crop and the brand.

To achieve the best infusion results, use your favorite olive oil plus flower and set your LĒVO to 165°F for 5 hours. We also highly recommend trying our infused olive oil recipe.

Your final product may have sweet notes, an earthy flavor, or taste light and citrusy. Experiment with different types of olive oil and infusions to find your favorite. While the smoke point of olive oil is lower than other types of cooking oils, it is safe to cook with and adds dimension to your final product.

The Best Time and Temperature for Infusing Coconut Oil 

Coconut oil has been touted as a super oil, as it can be used for various purposes, including cooking, baking, dental health, and even moisturizing your skin and hair. Coconut oil also makes a wonderful infusion, whether you want to cook with it or follow one of our recipes for creating your own homemade whipped body butter. There are different grades of coconut oil on the market, so it is best to do your research to find the best product for your needs. For example, if you want to use coconut oil in the kitchen, consider a high-quality or extra virgin coconut oil. MCT oil is a coconut oil derivative popular with athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and those looking for an oil with added health benefits. 

Once you choose the coconut oil or coconut oil blend you want to infuse, set your machine to 170°F for 5 hours to achieve the perfect infusion. Some prefer to infuse coconut oil at 160°F for 10 hours for a low and slow infusion, but both methods yield successful results.

Try infusing your coconut oil using our
infused coconut oil recipe.

Virgin coconut oil will add a mild coconut flavor to your cooking or baking. It pairs beautifully with stir fry and curries. It can be used for searing, sauteing, and sometimes frying. Don’t let the coconut flavor scare you away from using it in other cooking applications. Coconut oil can add unique flavor to potatoes, roast vegetables, and edibles. Mix a spoonful of infused coconut oil with semi-sweet chocolate chips and melt together over a double boiler. The result? A luscious magic shell coating for ice cream.

If you aren’t sold on the coconut flavor, try MCT oil instead. It has no taste or odor and it is perfect for coffee, edibles, and gummies.

The Best Time and Temperature for Infusing Honey 

Honey isn’t just for your morning cup of tea. A natural product, honey can add a touch of sweetness to baked goods and help balance the flavors of savory sauces and glazes. A traditional pantry staple, honey also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It has been used for centuries topically to treat burns and orally to soothe sore throats and coughs. 

You can take your honey to the next level by infusing it with flower or herbs in your LĒVO machine.

We suggest infusing honey at 105°F for 2-4 hours, being sure to add 1-2 teaspoons of lecithin. Lecithin is an emulsifier that can help your herb of choice bind better with honey. For step-by-step instructions, review our
infused honey recipe.

Infused honey makes delectable edibles, but it also makes luxurious jams and jellies as well. Don’t let the sweet flavor of honey prevent you from using your honey infusion in savory dishes. Add a tablespoon or two of infused honey into sauces, such as barbecue sauce. It can balance and round out the flavors.

Need more help narrowing down the best time and temperature for your favorite infusions? We have an easy-to-use herbal calculator for reference. Simply choose your oil and herb, and our calculator does the work for you. Now you are only limited by your imagination or the imagination of others. Join our LĒVO Love Club Private Facebook Group, where you can find recipes, tips, and recommendations from LĒVO lovers like you!

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John Trainor calendar_today

My favorite hack is to fill two power pods, activate and infuse as recommended, then refill the pods, activate as before, but use the oil from the first batch to re-infuse it. It comes out much darker and stronger, so your gummies are more potent.
LEVO Oil Infusion, Inc. replied:
We totally agree!! The 2 Power Pod hack is AMAZING!! Re-infusing the oil is also a great way to increase the potency, thank you so much for that suggestion!! Happy infusing!! :)

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