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Sunscreen Lotion Bar Recipe

When the sun shines, you'll need to protect your skin from the sun's piercing rays. Try our sunscreen lotion bar recipe for some plant-based, non-toxic sun protection. Simply apply this sunscreen lotion bar post-shower or bath before headed outside for an extra boost of plant-powered SPF.

Since they’re not water-based, lotion bars have a longer shelf life than many sunscreens sold in stores. Pro Tip: Use the expiration date of the ingredient that expires first to know when your DIY sunscreen lotion bar should be used by.

In our #LEVOmade sunscreen lotion bar recipe, we utilize a zinc oxide powder, which is a mineral used in many creams and ointments to prevent or treat sunburn. That's not all zinc oxide power is good for. Other benefits include healing epidermal wounds, burns, and rashes. Unlike many chemical sunscreens that you likely find in your local drugstore, zinc oxide powder protects against UVA and UVB light rays, making the perfect natural, non-toxic sunscreen component to incorporate in your routine.

We’ve paired zinc oxide with carrot seed oil, a natural ingredient that helps smooth lines and repair sun damage. It is rich in beta carotene, vitamins A and E and pro-vitamin A that helps with healing dry, chapped, or cracked skin. Carrot seed also helps balance the moisture in skin and reduce wrinkles—a double whammy! If spending extended time in the sun or water, we always recommend using high SPF lotion in conjunction with your homemade bar!


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