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How To Make Walnut Oil

It’s no secret we value the creative flexibility to do the most with our LĒVOs. With the LEVO II Activate cycle, you can try innovative ways to prepare herbs and enhance the flavor and nutrition of your infusions. From snacks to salad toppings, heating nuts before ingesting bring out an extra flavor and crisp to each bite. It also reduces the phytate content of nuts. In plants, phytate is the molecule that plants use to store phosphorus, an enzyme that can’t be digested by humans, who lack the phytase enzyme. Some would call phytate an anti-nutrient for this reason. There are multiple ways to prepare nuts to reduce the phytate levels making it easier to digest, and activating is one of them! Now, you can easily roast and prepare nuts at home with your LEVO II Activate Cycle. Learn how to make walnut oil below!

While this recipe calls for vegetable oil, feel free to use different neutral oils such as the ones featured in our such as Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, MCT Oil, or Avocado + Coconut Oil Blend. For everything you need to get started on your infusion journey, check out the Ultimate LEVO II Bundle


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