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How To Infuse Olive Oils

Part of the LĒVO fun is making your own creations. Learn how to infuse olive oils with this simple recipe. Use this recipe wherever you use olive oil in your favorite recipes. Ready to learn how to infuse olive oils? Let's go!


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Tom Rosenmayer calendar_today

Why is there no recipe for a basic garlic infused olive oil?

Maryanne calendar_today

New to this machine! Any suggestions appreciated to make infused Basil Oil.

Definitely will use EVOO, but does anyone have experience with a specific brand or “flavor” (light, robust) that worked best?

Fresh herbs or freeze dried?

Thank you!
LEVO Oil Infusion, Inc. replied:
We recommend checking out one of our recipes with basil, here: Either dried or fresh herbs work great, and if you only have fresh, you can dry them in LEVO! We recommend joining our LEVO Love Club Facebook group for helpful tips and tricks from other users. We hope this helps! 😊

M'chelle Davis calendar_today

I’ve been struggling to find a solid solution to infusion for a while, and I heard about Levo from a friend and am blown away by how amazing it is. Seriously, I had been using my oven and straining with a cheesecloth, and it was super messy. So happy to not have to do that drama anymore!

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