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LÄ’VO 2023 Holiday Guide: Infused DIY Gifts & Recipes

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Welcome to the joyous world of homemade gifting, where the warmth of the holiday season is expressed through thoughtful, handcrafted presents and delectable treats straight from the heart. In this exclusive Holiday eBook, we embark on a journey of creativity and connection, rediscovering the true essence of gift-giving by creating gifts infused with love, and a lot more!
  • 11 unique recipes that include body care, savory meals, and sweet deserts.
  • Each recipe has been tested, tasted, and outlined step by step, so even the novice at-home cook can follow along with ease.
  • This e-book is delivered as an instant digital download (PDF)
LÄ’VO 2023 Holiday Guide: Infused DIY Gifts & Recipes

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