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Tart Cherry LEVO gummy mix, made with all natural flavors and no artificial colors. Make your gummies pop with LEVO infused MCT or Coconut Oil. has everything you need to make your own infused gummies at home. Share your infused gummies with friends.
LEVO Tart Cherry gummy mix is what you need for an elevated weekend with friends, holiday celebration, or for weeknight relaxation. Simply add the herbal infused oil of your choice, 6 tablespoons of water, and mix with heat. You now have your own potent gummies.
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Gummy Mix - Tart Cherry

$19.00  $20.00

Raspberry Sherbert gummy mix, made with all natural colors and flavors. Make your own dosed edible gummies at home, and save 10x the cost of buying pre-made. LEVO pays for itself compared to buying tinctures and gummies at the store.
LEVO gummy bags contain all the instructions and information you need to make your own edibles in your kitchen. Save money by buying homemade.
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Gummy Mix - Raspberry Sherbert

$19.00  $20.00

Dust your #LEVOmade creations with edible gold glitter. Use a brush to apply gold glitter to your foods to make them shine.
LEVO Gold Gummy Glitter made in an FDA approved facility, made in the USA. Add gold glitter to your infused gummies, dust your chocolate covered strawberries, or top your cupcakes.

Gummy Glitter


Apply LEVO infusion shimmer to your oil for an iridescent shine. Add to wine, beer, cocktails, juice, honey, oil, and gummies.
Make your infused drinks and oils shine with LEVO edible infusion shimmer dust.

Infusion Shimmer


Treat your tasetbuds to Tropical Peach gummies, with hints of mango, starfruit, and pineapple. Make your own peachy oasis at home with LEVO powdered gummy mix. Just add infused oil and water to cook up your own batch of infused gummies.
All LEVO gummies come with instructions on the back to make it easy as possible to make your own dosed edibles. Don't forget to share your gummies with friends and store them in a safe place.
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Gummy Mix - Tropical Peach

$19.00  $20.00

Watermelon Sour Gummy Sugar adds flavor and texture to your homemade gummies! Watermelon Sour Gummy Sugar - A burst of refreshing watermelon flavor with a sour punch.
Infuse your gummies and then dust them with Watermelon sour powder finishing sugar. Sprinkle Watermelon Sour Gummy Sugar for a tangy and fruity explosion on your favorite confections.

Sour Gummy Sugar - Watermelon


Keep your homemade gummies from sticking together with LEVO Sour Gummy Sugar! Unflavored Sour Gummy Sugar - Tangy powdered goodness to elevate any sweet treat.
Infuse your gummies and then dust them with unflavored sour powder finishing sugar. Add a zing of sourness with Unflavored Sour Gummy Sugar for a delightful twist to your desserts.

Sour Gummy Sugar - Unflavored


Keep homemade gummies from sticking together and add flavor with LEVO Blue Raspberry Sour Gummy Sugar. Blue Raspberry Sour Gummy Sugar - A vibrant blue raspberry flavor with a tangy kick.
Infuse your gummies and then dust them with Blue Raspberry sour powder finishing sugar. Experience the irresistible taste of Blue Raspberry Sour Gummy Sugar, perfect for adding a pop of sourness to your treats.

Sour Gummy Sugar - Blue Raspberry


Strawberry Lemonade LEVO gummy mix, made with all natural flavors and no artificial colors. Make your gummies pop with LEVO infused MCT or Coconut Oil. has everything you need to make your own infused gummies at home. Share your infused gummies with friends.
LEVO makes it easy to have your own infused treats for yourself and to share with friends. Each bag of LEVO gummy powder mix fills 2 trays, that's 64 gummies!
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Gummy Mix - Strawberry Lemonade

$19.00  $20.00

Sour gummy powder to dust on your LEVO infused gummies. Great for frosted desserts like cupcakes and cake pops, too.
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Sour Gummy Sugar (2 pack)

$16.00  $18.00

Increase the capacity and potency of your herbal infusions with the LEVO Power Pod upgrade! Get twice the amount of herbs in your LEVO I or use in your LEVO II oil infusion machine.
The LEVO II Power Pod holds up to 1/4 cup or 2 grams of botanicals
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LĒVO Power Pod

$20.00  $21.00

LEVO oil or butter fine mist sprayer, reusable and eco-friendly! LEVO - Fine Oil Mister Infusion Sprayer - Oil Sprayer for Cooking, Baking and Salad Making - Oil Spritzer for your LEVO Oil and Butter Herbal Infusions - 6 fl oz
Spray your popcorn with infused butter using LEVO's fine spray mister. Reusable and easy to clean.
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Infusion Sprayer

$15.00  $29.00

LEVO Herb Press: Designed to fit perfectly in the LĒVO Herb Pod
LEVO Herb Press for LEVO II and LEVO C Herb Pods.

Herb Press


Liquid non-GMO sunflower lecithin is needed when you make LEVO infused gummies from scratch, but not when you use the pre-made mixes.
LEVO Lecithin works when making chocolates or baked goods because it binds the infused oil to your water-based ingredients.
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Liquid Sunflower Lecithin 2oz


LEVO oil herb block tray rainbow
Tie Dye

Herb Block Tray


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