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The LEVO Story

LEVO was incepted back in 2011, when our founder was living abroad with a house full of other American students. In their shared kitchen, she witnessed first hand the difficulties of infusing butter for baked goods. It took five students an entire day to infuse, smelled awful and left the kitchen a mess. There had to be a better way.

After this "lightbulb moment", Chrissy self funded the initial product design and engineering for several years while working in finance in New York City. In 2015, LEVO moved to a new HQ in Denver, Colorado where the startup and holistic wellness communities are thriving. Finally, we launched a successful pre-order campaign in late 2016 with the LEVO version you see today.

Many of us are misled about the quality of infused products and forced to deal with the current inconveniences of DIY. Not to mention, the shelf life of oils and butters is shorter than we'd like to believe. We wanted a better way, so we created LEVO. With our product, you can avoid the mess and arduous process of infusing oil at home. Now, you can infuse more effectively and more frequently and make craft, small batch infusions a staple in your home. 

Want to hear more? Listen & watch Chrissy discuss her journey on Women Who Startup, and ContnderCast.

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