The Cocktail Edition, Flower-Infused Olive Oil-Washed Martini Recipe

DIY Flower Infused Olive Oil Washed Martini made using the LEVO.
This is the third post from Chron Vivant as part of his LEVO blog takeover. If you’ve followed along, you’ve used some infused olive oil to make an olive oil cake, infused olives, and fat-washed gin. And here’s TWO ‘tails from the medicated master of canna-infused drinks. One savory cocktail and a bubbly cocktail with an easy mocktail option. “New Year’s Eve is like any other eve to me: I drink.” -Bukowski On New Year’s I typically start off my night with a glass or two of champagne (or a French C-D5), and then graduate to a gin-based spirit like the Martini. There are many interpretations of the iconic Martini but no matter how hard one tries, simplicity always wins. Alongside my recent obsession with crafting artisanal flower-infused oils in my new LEVO lie my attempts to incorporate those infusions into classic cocktail recipes. I happened to have some leftover flower-infused olive oil (from my olive oil cake recipe) that I wanted to incorporate it into a cocktail, so I developed this olive oil fat-washed gin martini with our infused olive garnish. I absolutely love fat-washing spirits and personally find that using gin that is washed with infused olive oil imparts a delicious savory and fruity note that complements the botanicals and adds a luscious mouthfeel to the drink, but does not contain enough T-C to create any negative synergistic effects. And there you have it. The Martini, with its tried and true ingredients and refined presence, is a perfect drink to celebrate with. It’s an iconic libation that will never go out of style. Hope you enjoy my savory, infused twist!

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