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LEVO 101: Removing Your Reservoir

Avoid a dislodged reservoir nozzle, which can lead to oil inadvertently leaking into your machine.

Before you begin infusing, it's important to understand how your LEVO works. We recommend reading both the Quickstart Guide and Manual included in your package!
Here, we'll take a closer look at how your machine dispenses, so you can understand how to avoid a common issue: dislodged reservoir nozzle, which can lead to oil inadvertently leaking into your machine.
 Your LEVO only dispenses when you press and hold the droplet shaped dispense button on your machine. It keeps your ingredients inside using a pinch valve. You can see the valve open and close if you look down into your machine from above:


See it open and close? This easily keeps your infusion inside your machine until you choose to dispense, but it requires you hold down the dispense button when removing and replacing your reservoir after cleaning, or you could mistakenly detach the silicone reservoir nozzle.


And you guessed it - hold down to re-place your reservoir, too. 

If you try to remove your reservoir without turning the unit on and holding down "dispense" you'll notice that it will be harder to remove without force. The silicone nozzle attached to the stainless reservoir can become detached and stuck inside your machine.

If you accidentally removed your reservoir improperly, not to worry! You can retrieve it with a pair of tweezers. Make sure your machine is on and that you're pressing "dispense" for an easy removal.

We hope this guide will get you ready to infuse the moment your LEVO arrives! 

Want to get fully educated? You can download our full Instruction Manual here.

3-Year Warranty

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