Infusiast Sportlight: Rachelle of Pharmakon Supernatural - LEVO Oil Infusion, Inc.
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Infusiast Sportlight: Rachelle of Pharmakon Supernatural

From culinary experts to holistic healers, edible lovers and beyond, the LĒVO Love Club community is what makes our small business so knowledgable and special.

As part of a recurring series, we’re shining a spotlight on infüsiasts to share their tips, tricks & infusion journeys. This month, we talked to Rachelle Robinett, RH (AHG) which stands for Registered Herbalist as recognized by the American Herbalist’s Guild. She's a life-long naturalist and the founder of Pharmakon Supernatural® and HRBLS, a product line of herbal gummies.

"My herbalism story is a life-long journey in which I am compelled to explore the human condition and our relationship both to ourselves and to nature, of which we are a part."

Rachelle's Herbal Drinks made with LEVO Oil Infusions


We spoke with Rachelle about how she got started, how LĒVO has impacted her process, and her tea recipe for Inflammation & Pain Relief.

Read our interview with Rachelle below!

Rachelle Robinett's Infusiast Spotlight


What was your first experience with LÄ’VO like?

Seamless and dreamy, impressively! I infused high-terpene herbs into a nutty coconut oil for a functional ingredient I’m now using every which way. Since then, I’ve been formulating new recipes and am very inspired, to say the least.


How did your thriving business come about? Shoutout to a sister WBE, Pharmakon Supernatural®!

Love that! Pharmakon Supernatural® was born when I came out of the closet about my nature-based health practices and decided to begin building my passion into a profession. It’s evolved and grown in so many ways over the last many years that I now refer to it as an ecosystem — we are products and services, education and entertainment, people (such great people) and tools.

Pharmakon Supernatural® exists now as a destination for finding accessible, plant-based solutions for connecting modern life and functional nature.

 Rachelle at Supernatural


In honor of September being National Pain Management Awareness month, can you share with us your thoughts on holistic remedies for pain management and relief?

This is big in my community. In fact, I just recently shared a tea recipe for Inflammation & Pain relief. And, I have a whole class on Herbalism for Inflammation & Pain.

The number of plants that can help in this area are nearly endless — from reducing pain and inflammation to treating specific parts of the human system (nerves, joints and tendons, skin, migraines, muscle cramps, you name it).

"I hope that eventually every home will have at least one herbal option for pain relief."  


What is Pharmakon Supernatural?

The art of functional nature — accessible, plant-based solutions for those seeking connection, balance, and self. 

Pharmakon Supernatural is a New York based, globally-spirited company dedicated to the art of functional nature. The Supernatural network includes Supernatural apothecary & online shop, a product line of herbal gummies (HRBLS), and on-demand online classes that blend global herbalism with modern health science and unique, empowering approaches to reclaiming our health. 

I'm an Herbalist, educator, and life-long naturalist. I combine traditional medicine and current health insights — and an understanding of both individual behavior modification and wellness industry zeitgeists — to create life-changing health for thousands of people every day.

I've spent thousands of hours teaching, speaking, publishing, and in private practice — and in building Supernatural from idea to ecosystem as a sole founder and CEO. In addition to directing the operations of Supernatural, I write, consult, and offer professional consulting for companies in the wellbeing and related industries. 

In active recovery, I travel fervently, write, train like a would-be athlete, and practice solitude. I am dedicated to exploring the human experience, driven equally by grit and the wind. 


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LÄ’VO oil and butter infusers streamline the oil and butter infusion process, reduce mess, and minimize the smell of decarbing & infusing flower thanks to patented technology. With the ability to decarboxylate + infuse all-in-one machine,LÄ’VO is the only oil infuser of its kind.

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