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LĒVO infusers include a 1 year warranty

Ditch the Decarb Smell with LĒVO.

The all in-1 decarb and infusion machine, without the smell.


A game changer when it comes to home infusion. OR A game changer when it comes to making homemade edibles.

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Patented Infusion

LĒVO uses patented technology to infuse all of the good stuff and none of the bad stuff (like grassy tasting chlorophyl).

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Top Shelf Quality

LĒVO's process promises zero aeration, delivering top-shelf quality infusions and extended shelf life with your own ingredients.

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Dry, Activate & Infuse — All in 1 Machine


LĒVO II Incredible Feature

This infusion machines offers the BEST features in the industry.

  • Decarb at the Touch of a Button, without the Smell

    Add up to 1oz of herb to your LĒVO basin and let the machine to the rest. Set it, forget it and don’t worry about a smell house in the process.

  • Customizable Time & Temperature

    LĒVO offers the highest level of precision control, down to the degree and minute for the most efficient decarbed result.


LĒVO Makes Infusion Easy & Effortless

  • Quiet & Discreet

    LĒVO's patented bladeless infusion process consists of intermittent soaking and gentle, quiet stirring.

  • Dispense Mode

    Dispense your infused oil or butter at the press of a button. No bulky filter bags, no gloves or expensive funnels needed.


Power Pod Technology

LĒVO II is the cleanest infusion machine out there because of herb pods.

Infuse Effortlessly

Infuse fresh herbs into oils and butters by filling up the pod and placing it in the LĒVO basin.

Self Straining Stainless Steel Pod

LĒVO's Power Pod holds up to 7g of dry ingredients and does all the straining for you. Goodbye messy cheesecloths!

Double Pods, Double Potency

Try using two Pods for incresed potency or flavor of your infusions!

Reserve Your Leftovers

Pod technology makes it easy to save your leftover infused herb for other recipes, body scrubs, face masks and more.

Dishwasher Safe

Save your leftovers and add your Power Pod to the dishwaser for equally easy cleanup.


250,00+ People Love LĒVO

"Best appliance I've purchased... maybe ever. I'ver been recommending it to all of my friends"

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It can't be this easy... can it?

You won't believe how easy LĒVO makes it for you to infuse your herbs into oils, butters, honeys and more.

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  • Beautiful Design

    There is no infusion machine that looks as beautiful on your countertop as LĒVO II

  • Infinetly Immaginative

    Make anything: delicious delights, gourmet gifts, stress-relieving salves, sleep-inducing tonics, and more.

  • 3 Cycles, 1 Machine

    Dry, decarb and infuse at the touch of a button. Completely customizable, hands-free and mess free

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LĒVO Care Protection

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LÉVO Care protection includes:

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