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The UltimateEdibles Guidebook

The UltimateEdibles Guidebook

Includes Our Favorite Recipes For The 6 Most Commonly Made “Magical” Foods & Edibles!

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How To Make Herb Infusions And “Magical” Edibles That Help You Sleep Better!

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The Ultimate Edibles Guidebook

The title says it all. Whether you’re a total newbie, somewhat experienced, or a bonafide expert at making your own edibles, this book will become your Ultimate Guide. It’ll give you everything you need to make the BEST edibles, EXACTLY the way YOU want them to come out, every time... with the LEAST amount of effort, time, cleanup, and hassle. Sound good?

Here’s just a small sample of what you’re going to learn in this awesome book:

  • A brand new way to make edibles at home that you won’t believe... you won’t believe how EASY this method is... you won’t believe how FAST it can be to make edibles using this method... you won’t believe how LITTLE CLEANUP is required using this method... you won’t believe how much CONTROL you can have over the ingredients and the potency of your edibles... and what you REALLY won’t believe is HOW DELICIOUS your edibles can be when you use this method to make them. (DON’T MISS THIS — most people don’t know about this method — it starts on Page 2 in the book.)
  • What Joe Rogan has to say about edibles, potency, and dolphins!
  • The best way to test your edible creations so they deliver exactly the benefits you want, and are also safe to share with friends and family...
  • Why you should start using flower-infused butter ASAP, if you’re not already...
  • The old, outdated, pain-in-butt way to make flower-infused butter... and the new, modern, easier, faster, much-more-effective-and-precise way to make flower-infused butter
  • A super-easy way to make flower-infused edibles, tinctures, and topicals at home, for way less money than you could ever find them online or at a dispensary.
  • THE SECRET to making your edibles more potent... (see Page 7)
  • AND... How to make sure your edibles aren’t TOO potent
  • How to precisely calculate the amount of certain ingredients and compounds in your edibles (we’ll give you access to a special calculator that does all the heavy lifting for you!)
  • The all-important step you MUST take if you want your elevated edibles to actually be... well... elevated!
  • How to PRECISELY control the potency of your edibles, every time, so you can CONSISTENTLY enjoy them, without worry or stress. (We’ll show you how to make strong edibles strong, every time, or more mellow edibles, mellow, every time!)
  • The FASTEST way to make edibles... (see Page 15 in the book)
  • How to store your flower-infused butter...
  • What’s better — flower-infused butter or flower-infused oil?
  • How to make YUMMY GUMMIES (we give you full recipes with exact ingredients, exact step-by-step instructions, and exact measurements)
  • How to make “Hard” Hard Candies (full recipes with color photos included!)
  • The Best Ever “Magic” Brownies Recipe (see Page 43)
  • The Ultimate “Magic” Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe (Page 47)
  • 7 ways to reduce the smell that cooking edibles can cause in your home...
  • And there’s lots more...


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How To Make Herb Infusions And “Magical” Edibles That Help You Sleep Better!

If you have insomnia, another sleep disorder, or you just toss and turn a lot at night... you’re going to love this book.

If you’re interested in finding a natural sleep aid, that actually works... without negative side effects... you’re going to love this book.

If you like the idea of making your own “magical” sleep aids... then you are going to LOVE this book.

We partnered with North American Spine & Pain to create this awesome resource for you. In this book, you’ll learn:

  • Why sleep is so important... the critical “cleaning, reorganizing, and repairing” process that your brain performs while you sleep... and why you cannot afford to shortcut or skip this process for too long!
  • Why certain “magic” herbs can be REALLY effective for helping you sleep... without any real downsides or side effects... (that most pharmaceutical aids do have!)
  • HOW “magic” herbs actually help you sleep better... (HINT: they naturally and gently interact with your brain to decrease stress and anxiety and increase serotonin, which then creates more melatonin... all of which makes it MUCH easier to fall asleep, stay asleep, and have much higher-quality sleep, throughout the night.)
  • Why you want to use “magic” herbs in a format that offers a “full-body effect”... and why you want to stay away from topicals. These “full-body effect” formats are MUCH better for improving your sleep.
  • Are edibles the best format for improving your sleep? Maybe... maybe not. In the book, starting on page 6, we’ll help you determine if edibles are the best choice to help improve your sleep... (if not, there are other options that can work better for you, depending on certain factors)
  • What “decarboxylation” is, and why it’s HIGHLY recommended if you plan to make your own natural sleep aids...
  • EXACTLY how to make your own “magical,” natural, and HIGHLY effective sleep aids... using the exact ingredients YOU want to use, with the exact potency YOU want.
  • Having trouble sleeping due to physical pain? In this book, you’ll learn how to make topicals that can help ease pain, and make it much easier for you to sleep.
  • How to make “magical” sleep-enhancing infusions... You’ll get specific, step-by-step instructions with all ingredients, exact measurements, temperature, time, and more, for making: HONEY INFUSION, BUTTER INFUSION, COCONUT OIL INFUSION, and more.
  • An awesome recipe for making your own sleep-enhancing “Power Gummies” — it’s on page 9 in this book. 
  • And there’s lots more...

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