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LĒVO Care Service Agreement


Authorized LĒVO products eligible for LĒVO Care plan coverage include; the LĒVO C, the LĒVO II, and the LĒVO Lux oil infuser models and the LĒVO Gummy Mixer purchased on levooil.com. Other products like accessories and consumable items are not eligible for coverage under the plan, even if purchased together as a product bundle or in the same order.


What is Covered

The coverage offered by all LĒVO Care plans includes mechanical or electrical breakdowns that occur during normal usage, as well as accidental damage from handling, for the entire duration of the coverage period. These plans do not take the place of any warranty that the manufacturer may already provide for the covered product. In the event that the LĒVO Care plan extends beyond the manufacturer's warranty, the plan will continue to provide coverage for any mechanical or electrical failures that occur due to normal wear and tear until the LĒVO Care plan expires.

The coverage for Accidental Damage from Handling (ADH) only applies to failures of the product that are due to ADH and does not extend to theft, loss, misuse, abuse, intentional or reckless handling and use, cosmetic damage not affecting the product's function, damage that occurs during shipping between you and a service provider, and any other exclusions listed in the "What is Not Covered" section of this service agreement.

To use this coverage, you must provide a clear explanation of the location and time of the accident and a thorough account of the incident. If this information is not provided, the claim may be rejected.

Coverage Term

Service coverage under the plan begins on the date when the covered product is received, which is determined by the date delivered as shown by the proof of delivery or shipment tracking information. 

Service coverage is limited to one (1) authorized claim during the term of the plan. This Plan shall expire upon the term of coverage ending or authorization of one (1) claim. Coverage for a replacement product will require the purchase of a new plan.

What is Not Covered 

The following are not covered under any plan:

  1. Routine cleaning, check-ups, or preventive maintenance, including parts that require replacement or repair due to normal wear and tear unless tied to a breakdown, and items that are typically replaced by you during the product's lifespan, such as metal or glass reservoirs, silicone spare parts, accessories, stirrers, etc.
  2. Damage resulting from neglect, misuse, improper handling, improper or abnormal operation, installation, maintenance, use of an accessory or part not manufactured or sold by an authorized dealer of the manufacturer, unauthorized modifications or repairs, or removal of parts from a covered product.
  3. Breakdowns or failures resulting from a lack of following the manufacturer's instructions for operating and caring for the covered product, or from abnormal usage of the product.
  4. Operation with liquids or ingredients that are not suitable for use with the covered product.
  5. External causes of any kind, such as third-party actions, fire, theft, insects, animals, exposure to weather, windstorm, sand, dirt, hail, earthquake, flood, water, or acts of God.
  6. Loss or damage resulting from invasion, rebellion, riot, strike, labor disturbance, lockout, or civil commotion.
  7. Loss of use during the period when the covered product is unable to be used or is waiting for parts.
  8. Any product purchased for, or used at any time for commercial purposes or on a rental basis.
  9. Cosmetic irregularities that occur from regular use, such as scratches, peeling, and dents.

Service Procedures and Limit of Liability 

Depending on the plan specified on your purchase confirmation, the following actions will be taken when a claim has been approved:

(a) At our sole discretion, we will provide you with store credit in the form of a credit to levooil.com. The credit can be used to purchase any item or service available on levooil.com at the time of redemption and will be valid for 1 year from the date of issuance.

(b) If store credit is provided, you will receive the retail value of your covered product, not exceeding the purchase price, excluding sales tax, shipping, and handling. If the covered product was part of a bundle or purchased with other items in the same order, credit will only be given for the covered item(s) included in the plan.

(d) The store credit can be redeemed for a replacement of your covered product or the damaged part, with a new or refurbished unit or part of comparable quality. The replacement product or part may be a current edition or a future version of your original product or part.

(e) If a replacement product is provided as a result of a claim, a new plan must be purchased to cover it. Plans are not transferable to future orders or replacements.


Requests for cancellation can be made within sixty (60) days of the purchase date. If no claim has been approved under the plan, you will receive a refund of 100% of the full purchase price of the plan.

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LĒVO Care Protection

Get protected from accidental damage and extend the life of your warranty for up to 3 years.

LÉVO Care protection includes:

  • Coverage for accidents like leaks & breaks
  • Flexible replacements with premium support
  • No added fees for the life of your plan

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