Elevated Edibles Masterclass - LEVO Oil Infusion, Inc.
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Elevated Edibles Masterclass

Join us for an uncensored class on flower infusions.

Follow Along

Watch detailed, easy to follow cooking steps for edibles that might seem overly technical like gummies, tempered chocolate, caramel, and more. We'll show you how simple it is!

LEVO shows you how easy it is to make DIY caramel edibles using infused butter or ghee.


With an uncensored overview of medicinal flower, including the science behind potency and what to look for when buying bud or shake, we'll show and tell exactly what you need to know.

Save Money

Skip store bought infused edibles with questionable ingredients + preservatives and save money by making your own! You'll have lifetime access to this course and its recipes.

What you'll get

1 hour, 8 lesson course teaching you how to infuse medicinal flower into oil + butter with or without LĒVO machines.

Learn baking & candy techniques to make perfect from-scratch gummies, chocolates, caramels, and muffins.

Comes with PDF featuring 12 downloadable recipes and a potency calculator so you can get your dosage just right!

Who is this for?

There's something for everyone


Never bought flower and don't know where to begin? No problem - we cover what to look for in bud and shake for edibles.

Old School Infusiasts

Using and oven to decarb and a crock pot to infuse? That's cool! We'll give you tips and tricks for tasty recipes made at home.

LĒVO Owners

You've got your machine, your flower, your butter and oil - let's level up your infusion game with edibles that are sure to impress!

Masterclass Lessons

  • Lesson 1: Choosing Flower for Edibles
  • Lesson 2: Prepping and Decarbing Flower for Infusion
  • Lesson 3: Making Flower-Oil
  • Lesson 4: Flower Infused Gummies
  • Lesson 5: Making Flower-Butter
  • Lesson 6: Double-Infused Blueberry Muffins
  • Lesson 7: Flower-Butter Lavender Infused Caramels
  • Lesson 8: Elevated Chocolate Candies

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