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The best kept secret of restaurants and chefs, right at your fingertips.

We created the worlds first herbal infusion machine. And ours is still the best, by far. There's nothing else like LĒVO.


Introducing LĒVO

The World's First and Best Automated Infuser

Oil infusion involves the process of adding any herb or or spice to a carrier oil, butter or fat of your choosing.

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This process infuses the goodness of the ingredients into the oil, making it a healthier choice for cooking, consumption or topical use.


Patented Infusion Process

LĒVO uses patented technology to infuse all of the good stuff and none of the bad stuff (like grassy tasting chlorophyl).


Control Potency

With customizable time & temperature controls, LĒVO allows you to control the potency of your infusions.


Dry, Decarb & Infuse
-- All in 1 Machine

The only machine that allows you to dry, activate (or decarb) and infuse at the touch of a button.


Save $$$

Tired of spending money on store-bought edibles? With LĒVO, edibles are a fraction of the cost.

LĒVO Makes Infusion
Easy & Effortless

LĒVO's patented bladeless infusion process consists of intermittent soaking and gentle, quiet stirring. Dispense your infused oil or butter at the press of a button. No bulky filter bags, no gloves or expensive funnels needed.

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Cost Savings

LĒVO's patented bladeless infusion process consists of intermittent soaking and gentle, quiet stirring. Dispense your infused oil or butter at the press of a button. No bulky filter bags, no gloves or expensive funnels needed.



We love to see your Infusions!

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"I've used my levo twice so far and have had excellent results. The machine is very quiet when running and the smell us probably as low as you can get it. The smell seems to be confined to one room. Since this model is portable you can put it anywhere. The infusion is so simple that anyone can use this machine. I have made butter so far and hope to infuse oil or honey next. Happy infusing everyone."

Bonnie N.

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"We researched the **** out of all similar products. The versatility of this machine is unmatched along with its ease of use. Well worth the slightly higher price point than competitors when you take into account the multi functions, ease of use and cleanability"

Benjamin E.

Frame 13 (3).png__PID:a8ced934-5232-46a7-9c5e-dff9f2627621

"This is so much fun to use. I’m still in the process of figuring out how to use it. So far I have infused butter and oil. Looking forward to making many more batches."

Thomas B.

LĒVO Offers an Entire Suite of
Products for Your Home Infusion

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Herbal Infusers

Transform oils, butters, and other substances into potent, homemade infusions at the touch of a button

image 2 (2).png__PID:0eaedea7-dec9-4e02-b8b6-6681faed8654

Gummy Making

Create custom-flavored, potent gummies with ease, using quality ingredients for a personalized treat.

image 2 (3).png__PID:dea7dec9-3e02-48b6-a681-faed865447af


From silicone molds to herb presses, each tool is designed to streamline your process and maximize the potency and purity of your infusions.

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Our carefully sourced oils and edible decorations are the perfect companions to your infusions

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