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LEVO Coconut Oil is Organic, virgin, and unrefined. It's great for infusing and has a nice coconut taste. Certified Organic for all your healthy infusions with LEVO II. The 29 oz jar will fill almost 2 reservoirs full. LĒVO Organic Virgin Unrefined Coconut Oil: A versatile and healthy alternative to butter or olive oil.
LEVO organic virgin coconut oil nutrition facts. Premium LĒVO 29 fl oz Organic Virgin Coconut Oil: Perfect for baking, cooking, and adding flavor to your dishes.
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Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 29oz (2 pack)

$44.00  $48.00

LEVO is your one stop shop for your favorite infusion machine, LEVO II, and the best high quality oils to use with your machine. Try this Coconut plus Avocado oil blend with MCTs. Great for infusing! LĒVO Coconut Avocado Blend Infusion Oil: Versatile and heat-resistant cooking oil.
LEVO Coconut Avocado oil blend with MCTs. Premium LĒVO Coconut + Avocado Oil Blend: Perfect for high-heat infusions and culinary creations.
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Coconut + Avocado Oil Blend 32oz (2 pack)

$64.00  $68.00

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