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Gifts under $300

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TerpLoc® Storage Bags

$15.00  $29.00

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LEVO Care Protection Plan
Black Steel
French Copper
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LĒVO Care - LĒVO Lux & Gummy Mixer


The LĒVO Gummy Candy Mixer: Effortless gummy-making at home.
Make your own infused edible gummy candies at home with the LEVO Gummy Candy Mixer Machine. Create perfect gummy candies with The LĒVO Gummy Candy Mixer.

Gummy Candy Mixer


LEVO branded Coconut Avocado oil, MCT oil, and Coconut oil.
LEVO MCT oil 32oz
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Oil Trio Bundle

$87.00  $92.00

Gummy Making Edibles Kit by LEVO with three mystery gummy flavors. Gummy Edibles Making Kit - Create your own infused gummies with this comprehensive kit, featuring 3 mystery flavors of gummy mix, MCT oil, and silicone gummy molds.
LEVO Gummy mix in tart cherry. Tart Cherry Gummy Mix - Indulge in the irresistible tangy flavor of tart cherries with this LĒVO gummy mix.
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Gummy Edibles Making Kit

$99.00  $110.00

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LĒVO Host Gummy Kit

$110.00  $420.00

LEVO Gummy Mix variety 7 pack. Try all 7 flavors.
LEVO gummy mix for foolproof DIY edible treats made at home! Try all flavors: Tart Cherry, Raspberry Sherbert, and Tropical Peach
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Gummy Mix Variety 7 Pack - the full collection

$126.00  $133.00

LEVO Raspberry powdered gummy mix 10-pack, make bulk infused edible gummies.
Frosted Marshmallow Gummy Mix by LEVO Oil Infusion, to make you own edibles at home
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Gummy Mix (10 pack)

$179.00  $190.00

Gummy Edibles Making Kit with LEVO Gummy Candy Mixer. Experience the joy of crafting delicious gummies at home with the Gummy Edibles Making Kit and Gummy Candy Mixer.
The ultimate gummy-making bundle: Gummy Edibles Making Kit with Gummy Candy Mixer.
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Gummy Edibles Making Kit with Gummy Candy Mixer

$180.00  $190.00

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LĒVO Care Protection

Get protected from accidental damage and extend the life of your warranty for up to 3 years.

LÉVO Care protection includes:

  • Coverage for accidents like leaks & breaks
  • Flexible replacements with premium support
  • No added fees for the life of your plan

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