Rated 4.9 out of 5
Based on 14 reviews

Infusion Fundamentals e-Book

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Rated 4.9 out of 5
Based on 14 reviews

Infusion Fundamentals e-Book

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Infusion Fundamentals: Simple Steps to Exceptional Basics
Welcome to the wonderful world of home infusion, where culinary creativity meets healthy living! Whether you’re a new and proud LĒVO owner or just dabbling into some research about home infusion, we’re eager to take you along on a flavor-filled journey. Buckle up as we dive into the infusion fundamentals, and stock your shelves using our favorite kitchen helper, LĒVO.
  • Learn the basics of herbal infusions, including butter, olive oil, honey, MCT oil, and coconut oil infusions.
  • Each recipe has been tested, tasted, and outlined step by step, so even the novice at-home cook can follow along with ease.
  • This e-book is delivered as an instant digital download (PDF)


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Infusion Fundamentals e-Book

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How to use your LEVO

When it comes to infusing, the sky's the limit. Virtually any item on your grocery list can be infused into oils, butters, honeys, milks, and more.

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Choose a carrier liquid

This is the base of your infusion. Pick something delicious to cook with, or use a neutral oil to create a natural balm or salve.

Add your favorite flavors

Choose your favorite herbs, spices, or beans (coffee, espresso, cacao, vanilla) for a sweet or savory creation.

Set it and forget it

LEVO decarbs, infuses, and dispenses in 30 minutes. Enjoy potent results every time, and a mess-free clean up.

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