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New Years Special! Accessories and Baking Supplies for LEVO Oil Infusion Machines. Make brownies and more.
LEVO Brownie Mix
local_offer Save $121.43

New Year Accessories Special

$121.43 $242.86

Gummy Edibles Making Kit with LEVO Gummy Candy Mixer, gummy molds, gummy mix variety 4 pack, liquid sunflower lecithin, and MCT oil
All 7 flavor options - 4 will come in this bundle.
local_offer Save $19.93

Gummy Edibles Making Kit with Gummy Candy Mixer

$199.99 $219.92

LEVO Gummy mixer
Make your own infused edible gummy candies at home with the LEVO Gummy Candy Mixer Machine.

Gummy Candy Mixer


LĒVO Accessories; gummy molds, baking dish, cleaning kit, infusions sprayer, herb block tray, cookbook, and sharing is caring kit
LEVO 3mL semi-spherical gummy ball mold. Each tray makes 32 gummies and the set holds 64 total.
local_offer Save $38.91

All Accessories Bundle

$179.99 $218.90

Frosted Marshmallow Gummy Mix by LEVO Oil Infusion, to make you own edibles at home
Win a LEVO with every purchase of gummy mix. No purchase necessary. See for details and rules.
local_offer Save $79.91

Gummy Mix (10 pack)

$119.99 $199.90

Gummy Making Edibles Kit by LEVO with four mystery gummy flavors
LEVO Gummy mix in tropical peach
local_offer Save $24.95

Gummy Edibles Making Kit

$109.99 $134.94

Enjoy the whole family of LĒVO oils with the Oil & Ghee Kit. A bundle of 4 of our most popular infusion oils.
LĒVO bundle of 4 oils. Subscribe and Save 10% on oil orders.
local_offer Save $34.97

Oil & Ghee Bundle

$99.99 $134.96

LEVO branded Coconut Avocado oil, MCT oil, Coconut oil, and lecithin
LEVO liquid sunflower lecithin
local_offer Save $19.97

Oil & Lecithin Bundle

$89.99 $109.96

Smooth, clarified ghee. A great shelf-stable alternative to butter when you're infusing with LEVO. Make infused butter without needing to strain and separate the milk fats. Ghee is also good for people who are lactose intolerant.
LEVO Ghee, great for infusing herbs into butter!
local_offer Save $9.99

Ghee Clarified Butter 29oz (2 pack)

$69.99 $79.98

LEVO Coconut Oil is Organic, virgin, and unrefined. It's great for infusing and has a nice coconut taste. Certified Organic for all your healthy infusions with LEVO II. The 29 oz jar will fill almost 2 reservoirs full.
LEVO organic virgin coconut oil nutrition facts
local_offer Save $9.99

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 29oz (2 pack)

$39.99 $49.98

LEVO MCT Oil is a premium, flavorless liquid coconut oil. At 32 fl oz, it will fill 2 LEVO II reservoirs to capacity, 4 cups total. Great for infusing!
LEVO MCT oil nutrition facts
local_offer Save $9.99

Premium MCT Liquid Coconut Oil 32oz (2 pack)

$59.99 $69.98

LEVO is your one stop shop for your favorite infusion machine, LEVO II, and the best high quality oils to use with your machine. Try this Coconut plus Avocado oil blend with MCTs. Great for infusing!
LEVO Coconut Avocado oil blend with MCTs
local_offer Save $9.99

Coconut + Avocado Oil Blend 32oz (2 pack)

$59.99 $69.98

LEVO Lecithin works when making chocolates or baked goods because it binds the infused oil to your water-based ingredients.
LEVO liquid sunflower lecithin nutrition facts
local_offer Save $4.99

Liquid Sunflower Lecithin 2oz (2 pack)

$24.99 $29.98

The LEVO II Spare Parts Kit contains a Power Pod, Silicone Pod Protector, Drain Tube, Magnetic stirrer, and Reservoir
local_offer Save $6.96

LĒVO II Spare Parts Kit

$54.99 $61.95( info Members: $49.99)

LEVO Lux Spare Parts Kit. Removable parts for the LEVO Lux infuser machine.
local_offer Save $5.87

LĒVO Lux Spare Parts Kit

$69.99 $75.86

LĒVO Magic Granola Kit with cinnamon coconut pecan granola mix and LĒVO swirl porcelain baking dish
LĒVO Magic Granola Kit with vanilla caramel granola mix and LĒVO swirl porcelain baking dish
local_offer Save $29.99

Magic Granola Kit

$29.99 $59.98

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