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Infused Chocolate Covered Strawberries

If you are looking for a simple herb-infused recipe, try chocolate-covered strawberries. An herb-infused chocolate coating makes this classic, decadent dessert even more uplifting. 

The following recipe takes less than an hour to make. Grab a few basic ingredients and some common cooking utensils, and you are ready to start this confectionary creation. 

This quick and easy recipe is perfect for making your first edible. They are so simple that making them regularly is convenient and cost-effective in contrast to much higher, retail prices. 

Selecting Strains for Edible Making

Another benefit of making edibles at home is you can bake and cook using your favorite strains. Select strains that have your preferred effects, tastes, and aromas. 

You may want to use a sleepy-time strain (strains are also known as chemovars) for muscle relaxation or anxiety reduction. At other times, you might benefit from a day-time leaning strain that gives you an energetic, creative mood lift. 

Hybrid strains offer flavor profiles that blend the best of both day and night-time strains. The choice is yours. 

Calculate the Flower to Oil Ratio 

Determine the strain potency percentage and add more or less infused oil (or magic butter) based on your preference. Keep in mind that your cooking ingredients also work best in certain ratios of consistency and taste. 

Don’t use too much oil or butter, or you may have trouble achieving the desired consistency and texture of the chocolate covering.  

Decorating Infused Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Get creative and customize your infused chocolate strawberries with various sweet and savory garnishes such as sprinkles or nuts. You can pretty up your creation by adding decorative drizzle, sprinkles, or finely chopped nuts. 

If you drizzle a second chocolate choice over the first layer of chocolate, make sure you allow the first layer to harden. Then drizzle white chocolate over the dark chocolate for contrast. 

You can also place a pinch of sprinkles or ground nuts as the top layer dries. Ground almonds or bright sprinkles add distinct flavor and color. 

Customizing Herb-Infused Chocolate Creations

Each time you make these infused sweets, you will discover which strains and potency levels work for you. Take it easy until you’ve found the levels of the desired potency that work best for you. 

Isn’t it time to expand your repertoire of culinary arts into the world of home infusions? LĒVO has a library of recipes, educational content, calculators, photos, and MORE available on our website, or visit us on YouTube to see videos of recipes and our products in action!. Not sure where to start? Take the LĒVO Quiz to see which machine is right for you!” #LĒVOmade



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lovely calendar_today

In the infusion process I set it for 2 hrs at 175 degrees . And it’s been saying warming up the whole time
LEVO Oil Infusion, Inc. replied:
Hi there! If you suspect your LĒVO is experiencing an issue with its warming up period (which typically lasts between 15-30 minutes), please reach out to our Support Team over at We’re happy to look into this for you!

Ynot Doit calendar_today

Seems like you forgot the butter. When you mixed the chocolate
LEVO Oil Infusion, Inc. replied:
Hi Ynot. Thank you for pointing this out. Our team will get that step updated in there asap!

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