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How to Make Sour Patch Edibles

Sour Patch Kids are a real candy classic! Now, thanks to these delicious sour patch edibles, adults can enjoy an herbed version, too! Pucker up: these sour patch edibles are sure to wow you and your friends.

Key Takeaways

  • LĒVO Oil Infusion Machine Simplifies the Process: The LĒVO makes drying, activating (decarbing), and infusing your herbs into coconut oil a snap, cutting down on mess and time. Plus, cleanup is a cinch with its dishwasher-safe parts!

  • Full Control Over Ingredients: Create your own hemp-infused edibles with LĒVO and enjoy full control over every ingredient. Say goodbye to mystery preservatives and hello to high-quality, homemade goodies.

  • Customization with LĒVO Sour Sugar: Elevate your edibles with LĒVO Sour Sugar in delicious Passion Fruit flavor and Jell-O. Mix and match flavors to make your sour patch gummies perfectly yours.

  • Easy and Flexible Recipe: This recipe is a breeze! With just basic kitchen gear, you can tweak the potency by adjusting the amount of herb used. Prefer a non-hemp version? Simply swap in regular coconut oil.

Hemp-infused coconut oil is central to our sour patch edibles recipe. If you’re a hemp infusiast who enjoys making your own edibles, then you’ve likely gone through the process of manually infusing your own herbs. This process, which includes drying and activating (or “decarbing”) your herbs by hand, can take hours and usually creates a huge mess. 

LEVO Sour Sugar

The LĒVO Difference

The LĒVO Oil Infusion Machine simplifies the infusion process by drying, activating, and infusing your herbs while you gather the ingredients you’ll need for sour patch gummies or focus on other tasks. You’re also more likely to get consistent results by using LĒVO’s automated technology. As an added bonus, all of LĒVO’s components are dishwasher-safe, making cleanup easier than it has ever been.

The LĒVO Oil Infusion Machine gives you more control over the infusion process. Manufacturers of store-bought hemp products aren’t always forthcoming about the ingredients and preservatives they use in their edibles. By creating your own infusions with LĒVO, you can choose the ingredients you want to use and control quality.

If you want to save time and money while making delicious gummy edibles from the comfort of your own home, you need a LĒVO Oil Infusion Machine. Instead of manually infusing your own herbs or purchasing expensive pre-packaged edibles at stores consider trying out a LĒVO device from our product line, which includes the LĒVO II, LĒVO C, and the ultra-elegant LĒVO Lux

The Secret Ingredient: LĒVO Sour Sugar

Sour patch gummies are super easy to make, especially when you include the unique flavor of LĒVO Sour Sugar. Our recipe uses Jell-O as a primary ingredient, but we recommend using our ready-to-make gummy mix in Passion Fruit! When combined with LĒVO Sour Sugar, it takes your edibles to a whole new level. You can choose whatever flavor you prefer (Unflavored, Blue Raspberry or Watermelon) or divide the mixture and use multiple flavors. The process is simple. Once your gummies have set in the refrigerator, roll them around in LĒVO Sour Sugar and you're good to go!

LEVO Sour Sugar

What Do I Need to Get Started?

  • Silicone Molds - Depending on the size and shape of your molds, you can make the gummies as small or as large as you like.
  • LĒVO Sour Sugar
  • LĒVO Machine - The LĒVO II and Lux machines can infuse up to an ounce of flower with our NEW Potency Pod or 7 grams of flower with the original Power Pod. PS - You can fit two Power Pods in the LĒVO II and Lux for 14 grams total! Depending on your tolerance and experience, you may want to adjust the amount of herb you use and the time of infusion. Remember: The longer you infuse, the stronger your infusion will be. For more tips on the edible-making process, check out our  beginner’s guide.
  • Before you get started on the sour patch edibles, you’ll have to infuse your coconut oil. Follow these directions using a LĒVO Oil Infusion Machine.

    Looking for More Recipes?

    Check out our Starburst EdiblesHomemade Sour Gummy Infused Butter Worms or Rainbow Gummy Candy Recipe!



    Can I make Sour Patch Edibles without a LĒVO Oil Infusion Machine?

    While the LĒVO Oil Infusion Machine streamlines the process by integrating drying, activating, and infusing steps, you can still make edibles by manually infusing your herbs into coconut oil. However, this traditional method may require more time and effort, and cleaning up can be more challenging.

    What makes LĒVO Sour Sugar unique, and can I use regular sugar instead?

    LĒVO Sour Sugar is specially formulated to complement the unique flavor profiles of cannabis-infused gummies, enhancing the sour taste that Sour Patch enthusiasts love. While regular sugar can be used, LĒVO Sour Sugar is recommended for achieving the optimal sour taste profile and enhancing the overall experience.

    How can I adjust the potency of my Sour Patch Edibles?

    The potency of your edibles can be adjusted by varying the amount of herb used during the infusion process with your LĒVO machine. For stronger edibles, you can increase the amount of herb or extend the infusion time. It's important to start with a smaller amount if you're new to cannabis edibles and gradually adjust according to your tolerance and preference.

    Is it possible to make Sour Patch Edibles without cannabis for a non-infused version?

    Yes, if you're interested in making a non-infused version of Sour Patch Edibles, simply substitute the infused coconut oil with regular coconut oil. This allows you to enjoy the sour and sweet flavors of the gummies without the effects of cannabis.

    Remember, when making cannabis-infused edibles, it's crucial to start with a small dose and go slow, especially if you're new to consuming edibles, as their effects can be more potent and longer-lasting than other consumption methods.



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    LĒVO oil and butter infusers streamline the oil and butter infusion process, reduce mess, and minimize the smell of decarbing & infusing flower thanks to patented technology. With the ability to decarboxylate + infuse all-in-one machine,LĒVO is the only oil infuser of its kind.

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