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LĒVO 101: Why Activate?

LĒVO II comes with three settings: Activate, Dry and Infuse. Let’s dive in and understand a bit more about the Activate cycle, and where & when to use it.

If you’re cooking with flower, we recommend familiarizing yourself with the two primary compounds found in your botanical ingredients. They’re generally inactive in raw plant material and need to be “activated” through a process of heating before any psychoactive effects can be felt.

Activation removes the acid, or the “A” molecule, by releasing a carbon atom from a carbon chain. This can only be achieved through heat and time. With the LĒVO II, we recommend our default setting of 240F / 116C for 30 minutes. Simply pack your Herb Pod with your materials (making sure to leave room for air to circulate), set your Activate cycle and relax (remember: this is a dry cycle - no oil or butter should be added until you begin infusing!). Once finished, add your oil or butter to infuse.

Keep in mind, activating is optional. If you’d like to minimize or skip the psychoactive component of flower, skip the Activate cycle and go straight to Infuse.

Happy Activating!

Please Note: The time it takes LĒVO to Warm Up to your set temperature can vary significantly, depending on factors like altitude, your cycle settings, and the type of ingredients you are using. Unlike a kitchen oven’s larger exposed heating coils, the LEVO uses an insulated laboratory heat-plate that heats from beneath the reservoir, so please allow a range of approximately 15-30 minutes to reach your set cycle temperature.

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GAMESELLRU</em> calendar_today

Hello- is there a general list of temperatures I can find with different herbs? I’m having trouble with learning what temperatures to use for what herbs (as I plan to use for all different body oils & infused drinks with all sorts of herbs!)
LEVO replied:
Hey there Chloe! I think we have just the thing for you… our Infusion Calculator! . This should help guide you in your infusion journey! Good luck!

Shawna calendar_today

I LOVE my LEVO!! I was wondering, after the activation cycle, do I have to allow my LEVO II to cool down before I do the infusing cycle?
LEVO Oil Infusion, Inc.:
Hi Shawna! We love to hear it! While there is no requirement, we would definitely recommend allowing a bit of cooldown time for handling & safety reasons. Otherwise, you are able to set your Infusion preferences, add your base oil of choice, and proceed right into the Infusion cycle.

Connor Quimby calendar_today

Should I use the activate setting with other herbs like rosemary?
LEVO Oil Infusion, Inc. replied:
You would not need to use the Activate cycle for rosemary. It is only for
use with flower. 😊

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