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Infusion Revolution: It’s More Than A Trend

I’ve suffered from severe migraines since middle school. At times they were so bad that I lost my vision and parts of my body went numb. After consulting a neurologist, I learned to better manage my migraines by changing my diet, and limiting my exposure to things like artificial fragrances. 

That’s how I first got interested in plant-powered wellness, an interest that eventually led me to invent LEVO some fifteen years later. 

Beyond my own personal experience, LEVO is a response to some significant shifts in the way that Western society approaches wellness. Here’s what I mean:

We’re Rethinking Wellness

Many of the food, cleaning, and self-care products we buy at our grocery store are filled with artificial ingredients that aren’t very good for our bodies. From worsening allergies to the rise of autoimmune diseases, and the growing links between cancer and chemicals, we’re beginning to fully understand how everyday consumer products affect our health.  

That understanding has led to a growing demand for four things: 

  • natural alternatives to synthetic food, medicine, cleaning and self-care products
  • choice and control over what we put on and inside our bodies
  • the ability to develop personalized wellness routines at home
  • a more holistic, lifestyle-driven approach to wellness

In the face of these demands, the mass-produced packaged products that we’ve come to rely on for nutrition, cleanliness, and healing are losing their appeal. 

I observed this change but didn’t see any products on the market that were aiming to meet the movement. 

That’s where LEVO comes in. It’s a simple-to-use machine that infuses the full benefits of plants into oil using controlled heat. Infusing unlocks the nutritional and therapeutic properties of plants, along with scent, color, and taste. You can use infusions to make whatever you want. And you choose the ingredients every single time. 

LEVO opens up endless possibilities, and we’re always learning new ways of using LEVO from our customers.  We’ve seen people make their own botanical body lotions, customized tinctures, flavored oils for next-level baked goods, non-toxic countertop cleaners, and so much more. 

This isn’t a fad that’s simply going to fade away. I believe infusing is here to stay. 

Plants Are Powerful

Since we launched LEVO in 2016, Western culture has become OBSESSED with plant-based products.

We see popular coffee chains serving up matcha and honey-lavender lattes and top beauty brands integrating CBD and adaptogens from mushrooms into new skincare lines. And plants have gained some credibility in the medical community as well. The Mayo Clinic and the Cleveland Clinic, two of the leading health care providers in the world, now employ full-time herbalists to support patient healing.

Plant-powered wellness is new for Western culture, but it’s been around for a long, long time. 

Traditional Chinese medicine, for example, uses various mind and body practices like acupuncture and tai chi in combination with herbal health remedies made with things like ginseng, cinnamon, and licorice root. The idea is to balance the body’s energy. 

Indian cultures have been infusing ghee with turmeric for thousands of years to combat inflammation. It’s part of Ayurveda, which means “knowledge of life” in Sanskrit, and was created more than 3,000 years ago, based on a holistic concept of wellness involving the mind, body, and spirit.  

And Egypt was the birthplace of essential oils and aromatherapy. 

All these traditions seek to promote good health, rather than fight disease. It’s only in very recent times that we’ve sought to commercialize healing. 

LEVO Puts You In Control

A lot of big brands have recently released plant-based products. But it can be hard to tell if it’s more than just clever marketing, the costs add up quickly, and you’re still left with a limited set of choices and ingredients you may or may not like. 

That’s why I created LEVO. There wasn’t an easy way for consumers to take that process into their own hands. 

I wanted a way for the average person to integrate herbs and botanicals into their food, products, and healing regimes without buying into commercialized products. 

We see amazing examples of people regaining control over what they consume every day in our online community. A lot of different people use LEVO for many various reasons. Still, they share the common goal of having full control over ingredients and experimenting with how they can benefit from plants. 

As we move forward as a company, creating new products and ways of supporting our customers, we’ll be looking to our online community for inspiration.  

Our mission is to empower the everyday consumer to use plants in a completely transparent, self-tailored, and hands-on way. So stay tuned for updates from LEVO about our plans to keep moving this mission forward!

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