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All Dishwasher Safe Parts


LĒVO Accessories; gummy molds, baking dish, cleaning kit, infusions sprayer, herb block tray, cookbook, and sharing is caring kit
LĒVO Accessories; gummy molds, baking dish, cleaning kit, infusions sprayer, herb block tray, cookbook, and sharing is caring kit
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All Accessories Bundle

€172,95 €210,95

Gummy Edibles Making Kit: everything you need for infused edibles at home.
LEVO gummy and candy silicone molds with 2 droppers
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Gummy Edibles Making Kit

€105,95 €129,95

The LEVO II Spare Parts Kit contains a Power Pod, Silicone Pod Protector, Drain Tube, Magnetic stirrer, and Reservoir
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LĒVO II Spare Parts Kit

€52,95 €59,95( info Members: €47,95)

LĒVO Magic Granola Kit with cinnamon coconut pecan granola mix and LĒVO swirl porcelain baking dish
LĒVO Magic Granola Kit with vanilla caramel granola mix and LĒVO swirl porcelain baking dish
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Magic Granola Kit

€48,95 €57,95

The LĒVO Basics Accessories Kit with cleaning kit, herb block tray, herb press, and infusion sprayer
LEVO cleaning kit with microfiber cloth, two scrub brushes, and two sponges
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LĒVO Basics Accessory Bundle

€48,95 €67,95

LEVO's premier cookbook: Inspired Infusions, Elevated Edibles. Cooking with LĒVO just better.
LĒVO's Inspired Infusions, Elevated Edibles table of contents. Get recipe ideas from breakfast to snacks, from desserts to cocktails. Elevate your cooking.
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Cookbook: Inspired Infusions (Hardcover Print)


LEVO porcelain brownie dish with one box of organic brownie mix and brownies
Moist, deliscious, potent infused browies. Don't waste your money buying pre-made, make your own infused brownies at home with LEVO infused oil and LEVO baking mixes. Share them with your friends!
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Magic Brownie Kit

€43,95 €48,95( info Members: €38,95)

LEVO Porcelain Baking Dish with multicolor swirl decal and logo
Porcelain Baking Dish by LEVO, perfect for baking one box of LEVO organic brownie mix.
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Porcelain Baking Dish

€38,95 ( info Members: €28,95)

2 LĒVO Herb Block Trays with lid in Grey and Tie Dye
2 LĒVO Herb Block Trays with lid in Grey
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Grey/ Tie Dye
Grey/ Grey
Tie Dye/ Tie Dye
Red/ Red

Herb Block Tray (2 pack)

€28,95 €38,95

LEVO heat sealer kit, because sharing is caring! Use the sharing is caring kit to share #levomade edibles with your friends.
LEVO heat sealer for plastic bags to keep your homemade DIY edibles fresh!

Sharing is Caring Kit


Set of large and small mylar bag wrapper refills
Large wrapper refills set of 50
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Heat Seal Wrapper Refill


Cleaning Kit


Grab a set of four heart shaped silicone molds to make chocolates, peanut butter cups, gummies, or small cakes.
Two silicone molds come with loving messages on them.
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Heart Molds (Set of 4)

€19,95 €24,95

The Keto Meets LEVO digital cookbook features elevated herbal infused Keto recipes that you'll love.
Keto carb-free French Toast?! Yes, it's possible (and delicious). LEVO's Keto cookbook makes ketogenic breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert easy. These tasty recipes are perfect for your whole family, or they can be modified for adults-only using flower infused into butter and healthy oils. Gluten-free, carb-free, keto, and even vegan - LEVO's Keto cookbook has it all to make oil infusion easy and mess-free.

Cookbook: KETO meets LĒVO (Digital Download)


Cookbook: Inspired Infusions (Digital Download)

Cookbook: Inspired Infusions (Digital Download)


The LEVO Grey Gummy & Candy Mold Trays are made from silicone and make 64 3mL gummies. Paired with lids and droppers, they are easy to clean and use for making homemade edibles like chocolate, gummies, and more.
Tie Dye

Gummy & Candy Silicone Molds