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Infused Vietnamese Chicory Coffee

If you’ve ever been to a Vietnamese restaurant you may have enjoyed a Vietnamese chicory coffee. This salubrious hand-held sipper is the perfect way to ease yourself into your day. The creamy sweet richness of the condensed milk acts as a foil against the bitter qualities of the chicory coffee.

But first, why use chicory coffee? Chicory is a taproot from the dandelion family. It’s dried, roasted and ground very much like coffee but at a much lower price-point. Also, chicory doesn’t contain any caffeine, so there is a small health benefit in using this type of liquid in your soon to be flower-infused drink. Mixing a portion of chicory coffee with your usual morning cup of regular coffee beverage is a nice change of pace for your stomach. The combination just tastes delicious especially when served over ice and drizzled flower-infused condensed milk. Try our infused Vietnamese chicory coffee recipe stat!


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Warren Bobrow calendar_today

I’ve recently learned there is condensed milk and sweetened condensed milk. The sweetened one is for this recipe. Unsweetened needs sugar or caramel to taste. Very important!!

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