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The Best No-Bake Edibles

If you prefer to craft your own edibles, then the LEVO II is the oil infuser for you. Purchasing pre-made edibles can be costly, and often the ingredients are questionable. Many people prefer to control the preparation process to save money and feel confident about what is going into their edibles. 

Home chefs who choose to manually dry, activate, and infuse their own herb oils know just how long the preparation process can take and how messy it can get. Manually preparing your infusions often involves a fair amount of guesswork, and the results can be inconsistent. 

Chrissy Bellman, the founder and CEO of LEVO, realized this in 2011. She couldn’t understand why there wasn’t a simple, straightforward way to prepare delicious infusions in a precise and consistent manner, without the stress of doing it by hand. Hence, the idea for LEVO was born. 

About five years later, Chrissy introduced LEVO to the world. And what a debut it was! The product was so popular that it went on backorder for some time. Now, LEVO is back with its improved second-generation device, the LEVO II. The LEVO II device simplifies the infusion process through advanced automation technology that essentially does all the dirty work for you!

The LEVO II can handle the essential steps in the infusion process from start to finish -- drying, activation, and infusion -- on its own while you go about your business. All of these functions can be controlled at the touch of a button.

The LEVO II allows medicinal hemp enthusiasts to create exact, dependable infusions for no-bake edibles and any other hemp flower product you can imagine.

If you are looking to streamline your medicinal flower infusions, the LEVO II is by far the best option on the market. The second-generation model features: 

  • A modern look with eye-popping colors, including Paprika Red, Licorice Black, Honey Beige, Pacific Blue, and Garden Green
  • A reservoir for infusing herbs
  • A power pod, which holds up to 8 grams of herbs

Crafting infusions by hand is so last decade. Using the first-of-its-kind LEVO oil infusion machine, which is compact enough to be stored just about anywhere, from your kitchen counter to a shelf in your pantry, will help you save money, time, mess, and stress over time. 

Check out our recipe for the best no-bake edibles below, and visit our website to browse even more recipes. Purchase your LEVO II today before they’re out of stock! 


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