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The Best Hemp-Infused Lemon Bars

Infused edibles continue to crowd selected retail shelves across the nation (in the states where they are currently legal.) 

However, many customers who regularly purchase edibles are looking for something new due to the often-limited selection of the products available on the open market. 

Additionally, pre-made edibles can be pricey and remove the consumer’s control over the ingredients they are ingesting. One of the best solutions to this dilemma is creating your own edibles to enjoy at home.

This may seem a bit intimidating to someone who does not have much kitchen experience. However, the process is actually not much more complicated than following a normal baking recipe and popping the mixture into the oven.

Below is an easy-to-follow recipe for turning one of America’s most popular homemade desserts, tangy lemon bars, into a mouth-watering infused confection that will delight the taste buds. 

This recipe is perfectly suited for those just beginning to make their own edibles. It not only delivers the classic sweet and tart flavor profile but also a palpable punch of botanicals to help soothe the mind and body.

Lemon Bar Ingredients:

The infused portion of the recipe will be found in the crust, as it’s made with decarbed flowers and butter. The lemon bar pieces around the edge of the pan will have more crust, which means they will contain slightly higher dosages, than the pieces from the middle that have less crust.

From a flavor standpoint, one of the most important ingredients that you should use is fresh lemons instead of pre-squeezed lemon juice. Meyer lemons offer a bit sweeter and more refined flavor. 

However, if they are not available nearby, you can always use fresh lemons that are found in the produce section of your local market.     

While you can use virtually any strain in this recipe, experienced edible bakers may choose the upscale option of infusing their lemon bars with a more exotic genome. 

For example, Lemon Haze or Tangie offer terpene profiles with more citrusy overtones that might further enhance and compliment the final product. You can infuse the crust with these strains for a more impactful note.

This recipe requires about ½ ounce of quality medicinal herbs that have been pulverized and infused into 1 cup of melted butter heated at between 150 and 175(F). If you do have a LĒVO II infusion machine, great, just follow your normal decarbing settings. If you don’t, there’s plenty of information on this site on just how to do this with your oven. 

This should yield approximately 16 small servings and contain around 35mg of T-C per serving. Of course, this is just an estimate because the ultimate dosage delivered will be determined by the potency of the product that you use. 

If you like, after determining the portion size to achieve the proper dosing, you can also freeze the lemon bars for a longer shelf life. 

After they have cooled completely, simply cut your lemon bars into the correct size to match your needs, wrap them appropriately, and then pop them into your freezer. You can then pull one of them out to enjoy whenever you feel the craving.   


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