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Infused Strawberry Peach Crisp

For dessert lovers, this infused strawberry peach crisp is the recipe you’ve been waiting for! If you’re not the best at baking, crisps are incredibly easy to assemble, making this a perfect infused baked dessert for you to experiment with. To properly infuse this sweet treat, you’ll need to create an infused butter. This is where your LĒVO comes in! LEVO’s infusion device is designed exclusively for infusing botanicals (i.e. hemp-rich flower) into oil and butter. The company’s LĒVO II device even comes with decarboxylation capabilities, which makes cooking with flower that much easier.

This recipe is incredibly customizable. While this recipe calls for strawberries and peaches, you can get creative and use other fruits that you have at home instead. For the most delicious results, top this recipe with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and garnish with a slice of strawberry and peach.

If you’re looking for a wine and infused pairing to go with this dessert, try Langlois-Chateau Brut Crémant x Cherry Punch. This refreshing sparkling wine from the Loire Valley of France showcases soft peach and citrus notes on the nose and palate with bright acidity to accompany the crisp. Cherry Punch brings out the berry notes of the dish and blends harmoniously with the wine’s profile, leaving you wanting more. Check out the infused strawberry peach crisp recipe below.


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