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Lazy Mac and Cheese Recipe

Sometimes you don't have time for a whole elaborate meal, but still want the taste of something homemade. This lazy mac and cheese recipe is perfect if you've got any infused butter laying around and you're in the mood for the ultimate comfort food. Creamy with a crispy top, this dish is soul-warming and won’t take much of your precious time. This lazy mac and cheese recipe is a must-try! 

Before you get started with this lazy mac and cheese recipe, let's make sure you have the right tools! 


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Jason calendar_today

This is great I can read other people’s messages and recipes I didn’t even know about this part I’m having a hard time hooking it up to my internet did anyone else have a hard time just let me know throw it in my email if you can my email account is just so maybe you could reach out and send me a recipe or even more recipes that you’ve made and I’ll send people recipes I have no problem but I’m glad there’s a site like this where we can publish her findings and what didn’t work and what what does work thank you leave for putting a community together again thank you

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